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an amine containing the double bond linkage -C=C-N-

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Specifically, Enamine will create a compound library of kinases, which are related to cancer.
Steroidal-4-en-3-ones such as 4-cholesten-3-one were treated with ozone to obtain a keto acid, 3,5-seco-4-norcholestan-5-on-3-oic acid (I), subsequently treated with amines to obtain enamine lactams which were discovered to react with Grignard reagents at elevated temperatures to yield novel unsaturated 3-alkyl derivativatives.
These ketones were synthesized by condensing the morpholine enamine of the appropriate cycloalkanone with pyridine-1-oxide in the presence of benzoyl chloride (Fig.
Under the terms of the agreement, Enamine will provide the MRC LMB and IOCB with access to its integrated drug discovery capabilities, including Molecular Modeling, Compound Library, Screening Assays, Hit Finding and Characterization, Hit to Lead Chemistry and ADMET.
It is conceivable that this reaction will yield either an imine (12-14), (17), (18) or an enamine (16), (21-23) or a mixture of both.
Five 4-alkyl-2-(2-pyridyl)cyclohexanones were synthesized by the condensation of morpholine enamine of the appropriate cyclohexanone with pyridine-1-oxide in the presence of benzoyl chloride.
According to the terms of the agreement, UORSY products are now obtainable through Enamine, and up-to-date catalogues of in-stock and tangible building blocks from both companies are available from both Enamine and UORSY.
Crown Bioscience Cyprotex PLC Domainex Emerald Biostructures Enamine Ltd.
Although the chemistry for curing is not revealed, the enamine structure shows that the enamine is an acrylate moiety that is sterically hindered by the amine and methyl moieties (Scheme 13).
15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ChanTest, the industry leading ion channel Contract Research Organization (CRO) announces today the addition of a 50,000 compound chemical library from Enamine Ltd.
Enamine is one of the top providers of screening libraries for pre-clinical drug discovery and owns over 8,000 compounds as kinase-focused libraries.
Brixham Calyx Chemical & Pharmaceutical Cambridge Major Laboratories CARBOGEN AMCIS AG Chembiotek ChemFuture PharmaTech ChemNavigator Chiral Technologies CiVentiChem Codexis Corden Pharmachem DSM Pharma Chemicals Enamine Evonik Degussa Corporation Exelgen Gelest Genzyme GVK BIO Hamari Chemicals LTD Hande Sciences Haorui Pharma-Chem Inc.
Omegachem Calyx Chemical & Pharmaceutical Onyx Scientific Cambridge Major Laboratories Pacific World Discovery LLC CARBOGEN AMCIS AG Paratherm Corporation Chembiotek Peptech Chiral Technologies PharmaCore CiVentiChem ProSynth Corden Pharmachem Ricerca Enamine Senn Chemicals Evonik Degussa Corporation Seres Laboratories ExelGen Siegfried GL Chemtec Solvias GVK BIO Strem Chemical HEL Ltd SwRI Helsinn Chemical Operations Syncom InterChem Corporation Syngene IRIX Pharmaceuticals Taiwan Hopax Chemicals J-Star Research Umicore Wilmington Pharma Tech
Albermarle, Almac Pharma Services, Amcis, Beijing Honghui Meditech, Calyx, Carbogen, Cardinal Health, Chembiotek, ChemDiv, deCODE Chemistry, Drug Discovery Alliances, Eaglepicher Pharmaceutical Services, Enamine, Evotec, Helsinn, InterChem Corporation, IRIX, J-Star Research, Johnson Matthey Pharma Services, KNC Laboratories, Key Organics, PharmaCore, Ricerca, and Tyger Scientific, to date.
Exhibiting suppliers currently include: Accelapure Albermarle Amcis BeijingHonghui Meditech Calyx Carbogen Cardinal Health Chembiotek ChemDiv deCODE Chemistry Drug Discovery Alliances Eaglepicher Pharmaceutical Services Enamine Evotec Helsinn InterChem Corporation IRIX J-Star Research Johnson Matthey Pharma Servces KNC Laboratories Key Organics PDMS PharmaCore Ricerca Tyger Scientific The 2006 keynotes are: -- Globalization and The War at Home: How US Chemical Suppliers Can Defend Their Turf Stefan Loren, Ph.