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a substitution of part of speech or gender or number or tense etc

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This is not, strictly speaking, a metonymy but rather a metaphor or perhaps an enallage (the adjective meaning "violent" being, possibly, transferred from the singer to the song).
21) On the relationship between enallage and metonymy, see Bonhomme 75-77.
26) The figure of enallage governs ungrammatical, illogical, or unusual uses of language, (27) and Melanchthon's note advocates ignoring the surprising plural.
Lanham defines enallage as a "substitution of one case, person, gender, number, tense, mood, part of speech, for another.
To this end he employed errors and vices of speech that rhetors lump together under the umbrella term enallage (including solecismus, anthypallage, and anthimeria, to name a few); other vices of speech that characterize the language of Clemens's ordinary Americans are barbarismus, antistoecon, acyrologia, synalepha, aphaeresis, syncope, and apocope.
Normally we would expect enallage as a vice of language in English, such as a breakdown in grammatical agreement between subjects and verbs, nouns and pronouns, or pronouns and pronouns.
alleotheta (also allotheta or alloeosis): another more general term but narrower than enallage, it means the substitution of one gender, number, case, mood, or tense for another;