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  • verb

Synonyms for enact

Synonyms for enact

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to produce on the stage

Synonyms for enact

order by virtue of superior authority

act out

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The moderating factors that will be discussed here are barriers to enacting meaningful behaviors within fatherhood identity, the length of prison sentence, the prison ideology of fatherhood, and the commitment and salience of fatherhood identity before incarceration (see Burke, 1991).
Before enacting expansive legislation dealing with corporate tax shelters, Congress is well advised both to ask and to answer the question "What is meant by the term `corporate tax shelter'?
Surely before enacting a greatly expanded section 269 to disallow deductions, credits, exclusions, or other allowances obtained in tax shelter transactions, the Treasury Department and the IRS should be called into account for its current use -- or disuse -- of section 269.
1)(**) The legislature has sought to encourage new business investment and job growth in Oklahoma by enacting a number of targeted tax exemptions and credits.
WASHINGTON -- Wyoming has joined forty-eight other states and the District of Columbia in enacting legislation to save lives while teenagers are learning to drive, AAA said today.
Some legislators suggest that while enacting provisions may eliminate the impact of the most costly sections of the Federal legislation, such legislation runs counter to attempts to mirror the Federal depreciation and NOL computations as a way to minimize complexity and maintain a workable tax system.
She added that she was tired of enacting laws that couldn't be enforced.
1] Enacting a proposal to limit the compensation deduction would give rise to the double taxation of salaries -- once at the individual level (as is currently the case), and once at the corporate level (as a result of the denial of a deduction).
The Florida Supreme Court has in effect issued a death sentence for Terri Schiavo - a flawed decision that ignores the constitutional authority given to the Governor and to the legislature in crafting and enacting this law.
30) As previously stated, the House Report explains Congress's reasons for enacting section 530 by pointing to difficulties faced by "taxpayers" as a result of the IRS's employment tax audits.
By enacting AB 196 into law, Californians are sending a powerful message that no person can be denied employment or housing based on gender-related characteristics that have nothing to do with their qualifications as employees or tenants.
In enacting the OID rules, Congress assumed that most issuers of discount bonds were deducting a portion of the discount annually, while the holders, many of whom were cash-method individuals, were including the discount in income only on disposition of the bond, if at all.
In addition, in enacting the PFIC rules Congress was also concerned that the tax rules not provide incentives to make investments outside the United States (current taxation is the order of the day for passive investments in the United States).
By enacting minimum efficiency standards, Massachusetts will help bring those savings to all of its businesses and consumers.
And, prior to enacting any of the large number of revenue raisers in these proposals, the Institute asked to be informed of who suggested the proposals and what they are intended to pay for.