enabling legislation

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legislation that gives appropriate officials the authority to implement or enforce the law

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An agency action that would be the best solution from a purely medical perspective, for example, may be wholly illegal if that action exceeds what is reasonably necessary to implement the enabling legislation.
With First Amendment concerns clearly in mind, the SEC's enabling legislation in this area contained an excemption for publishers which, for reasons clear only to themselves, the SEC decided did not include publishers of newsletters.
Kitts' enabling legislation facilitates investment in the market, Brisbane adds.
In many instances of the proposed rules, it appears that there might be justification for a rule based on standards and "floors" required by the enabling legislation.
Appoint a provincial patient advocate after passing enabling legislation during the upcoming legislative session.
It is also noteworthy that Section 1 extends the scope of the amendment to cover states and state law as well as federal law, but Section 4 gives only Congress the power to enact enabling legislation.
That is good, as far as it goes, says Baruch's Carmichael, but he believes that Congress must enact enabling legislation for any new agency to have teeth.
That enabling legislation would do a number of things.
The absence of a firm timetable for enabling legislation will not halt progress towards the introduction of a commercial mechanism to
Currently, 38 states are involved in the Project; thirty-two states are voting participants because their legislatures have enacted enabling legislation or their governors have issued executive orders or a similar authorization.
While South Carolina is expecting a dozen captives after only one year, many states that have had the enabling legislation on the books for years have attracted few captives.
When Congress passed the enabling legislation in 1931, it wrote in the wrong year," says battlefield Assistant Superintendent Chuck Smith.
But that change has to be added to the state enabling legislation.
The anticipated rush for divorce after narrow referendum approval for the enabling legislation was secured in 1996 has never truly materialised.
So, before the first spin of the roulette wheel, the Government will have to introduce special enabling legislation.