enabling legislation

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legislation that gives appropriate officials the authority to implement or enforce the law

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But whether it will happen is a serious question and I say that because we don't even have enabling legislation," he said.
By 1930, 32 states had adopted legislation with a total 1,100 credit unions, and by 1935, 39 states had passed enabling legislation and 3,372 credit unions were serving 641,800 members.
Sustained by a mountain of ill-advised enabling legislation, this system has become a public-policy juggernaut.
On the state level, Speaker of the Assembly and Los Angeles Representative Karen Bass has been pushing for the enabling legislation, which would increase funding to care for the 4,500 California foster youth who emancipate to an additional $70 million a year.
An agency action that would be the best solution from a purely medical perspective, for example, may be wholly illegal if that action exceeds what is reasonably necessary to implement the enabling legislation.
Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic have ratified the treaty but are still working on enabling legislation.
This unity of purpose led to the passage of the measure, the governor letting it become law, and the City Council adopting enabling legislation.
The company, in turn, establishes its wholly owned special purpose financial captive insurance vehicle (the "captive reinsurer") in a state with enabling legislation such as South Carolina for the sole purpose of entering into a reinsurance transaction with the ceding insurer, and capitalizes it with an amount necessary to support the captive reinsurer's operations.
46, Net Assets Restricted by Enabling Legislation, and Technical Bulletin 2004-2, Recognition of Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Expenditures/ Expense and Liabilities by Cost-Sharing Employers: and (2) guidance in the GASB staff's Comprehensive Implementation Guide-2004.
Jonesboro's City Water & Light is an improvement district rather than a municipal utility like Paragould's, and enabling legislation would have to be enacted that adds cable to the water, sewer and electric services that are currently authorized.
The guidance, which is effective for periods beginning after June 15, 2005, clarifies that external parties-for example, citizens or the judiciary--can legally enforce such laws in order to compel a government to use resources only as stipulated in their enabling legislation.
If all the changes that must be made are not through the Senate by this date, or if the Senate chooses not to pass a piece of enabling legislation, then the FTA cannot be enforced.
As a condition to the IPO and related transactions, and subject to enabling legislation, Belgacom would transfer to the Belgian state, according to TDC.
You can help, too, by encouraging your Congress member to learn about PWYP with an eye on authoring enabling legislation from here in the U.
There was never any enabling legislation under the Municipal Act allowing municipalities to buy Crown land and re-market it cottage lots.