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a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law

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Although most state conservation easement enabling acts define
Ambiguous enabling acts, or those that endow conservation easements with
Herbert signed House Bill 148, which demands the federal government make good on the promises made in Utah's 1894 Enabling Act (UEA) to extinguish title to federal lands in Utah.
Enabling Act, and those enabling acts that followed, actually created a
language in comparison to the other enabling acts, courts relied on its
The second type, which I will call enabling acts, serve to facilitate this conveyance.
Widdowson points out that "the reader has to distinguish between the focal acts, which express the essential substance of the writer's intent, and the enabling acts, which simply serve as a means of conveyance" (1984:38).
In Colorado's 1875 Enabling Act, Congress rejected the idea of directly granting land to townships for school sites, and instead insisted that: the trust land be vested in the state as a trustee; the state establish a permanent fund; and that the fund be managed for profit.
Similarly, the state zoning enabling acts provide specific provisions that vest authority with municipalities to require a "deposit of performance guarantee.
However, it is unwise to generalize across state lines without careful grounding in the frequently slight but important differences in enabling acts, constitutions, and other crucial trust documents, statutory law, and agency culture.
State statutes such as the Mello Act in California, which stimulated local legislation by liberalizing rules, and comprehensive redrafting of the state zoning enabling acts, which provide the legal authority for local zoning restrictions.
The enabling acts also provided for a special capital reserve fund but none has been or will be provided for any of these bonds.
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