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Synonyms for enable



Synonyms for enable

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

Antonyms for enable

render capable or able for some task

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The Fort Bragg SOC is no different and has found that only crisis moments and high operating tempo periods result in a willingness by most enablers to provide an enduring presence in the SOC.
This study first attempts to identify the enablers for growth through literature review.
Team Enabler is not without potential drawbacks, that unless properly identified and mitigated, can cause serious problems within an AO.
Our purpose is not to recommend a how-to approach or to discuss in detail the technical challenges faced, but to provide a case study of the process and to discuss key enablers to overcoming obstacles.
Opportunities and challenges: why enablers are important
Anjaneyullu further adds, "This is why Enterprise Enabler, by eliminating all coding against back end systems has completely changed the rules of integration.
More recently, the Arshak Center received a Science Foundation of Ireland grant project that will utilize the Nano eNabler printer to devise a platform to detect and monitor food-borne pathogens.
The MLS Enabler defines protocols between different location servers and clients.
net ADO AppComm, Enterprise Enabler already provides full bi-directional flow of data from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft SharePoint Server (MSS), and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) via mashups to multiple backend systems without any coding.
The University laboratory that is using the Nano eNabler system is projecting ground breaking technology surrounding smart bandage biomaterial engineering.
Using a friendly, dashboard-style display, Vertical Enabler offers vetted "breaking news" information about compliance, security, and risk management in five key industries: Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Sector and Retail.
Under its previously announced product placement program, BioForce plans on shipping up to 20 Nano eNabler systems to prestigious domestic and international biomedical and life science research facilities by year end.
This is the third in a series of reports examining the potential and risk of the smart enabler role.
ClearMode Virtual Enabler available for commercial service
This is the second in a series of reports examining the role of smart enabler.