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Synonyms for enable



Synonyms for enable

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

Antonyms for enable

render capable or able for some task

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With industry analysts predicting a tripling of XML traffic on enterprise networks in the next two years, the automation of services provisioning enables enterprises to control and secure disparate Web services through Reactivity XML appliances.
The report explores how new kinds of middleware are being used to enable existing applications to run on a grid infrastructure.
Also announced today are two industry router firsts, which represent enhancements to the E-series Broadband Services Router that enable providers to leverage open standards to deploy flexible and cost-efficient multiplay solutions.
Shasta Out-of-the Box Services is designed to enable service providers greater flexibility in implementing new, network-based services previously available only as client-based solutions," said Zeus Kerravala, director, E-Networks and Broadband Access, the Yankee Group.
With VC and GFP support, the ARROW-2xGE enables bandwidth to be provisioned to suit traffic needs enabling services to be offered in cost efficient increments over the same physical Gigabit Ethernet connection.
Industry-Leading Backup/Restore Performance - The unique design of DeltaStor software enables the S2100-DS2 VTL to maintain up to 1TB/hr backup/restore performance by de-duplicating data outside of the primary data path;
The deal will enable Brooktrout Software and SpeechWorks customers to develop speech-enabled communication solutions rapidly, using the integrated Show N Tel, ActiveCall and SpeechWorks product set.
0, enables program participants to securely download Taipei Fubon MasterCard([R]) PayPass[TM] cards, as well as incentive promotions and coupons over the cellular networks directly to their NFC mobile phones.
One of the reasons we invest heavily in open APIs for TypePad and all of our products at Six Apart is to enable support for applications like Approver.
Founded in March 2005, Enable IPC has a patent application on a proprietary concept that combines thin film manufacture with nanotechnology to produce a microbattery that the Company believes will significantly outperform comparable products and revolutionize the microbattery industry.
Interactive Technology Limited (ITL) is a leading provider of turnkey telecommunications solutions that enable service providers to roll out diverse ranges of new value-added services for the Next-Gen communications networks.
New syngo TimCT Enables Continuous Table Move Scanning of Patients
The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard.
This new Test Engine methodology was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to allow Wi-Fi vendors to certify products more efficiently and will also enable vendors to develop better products with faster time to market.
Smart Mobile will enable us to accelerate WLAN deployment across our campuses for bandwidth-intensive applications including voice and patient records management, without having to tear out our existing wireless infrastructure, and to enable us to implement fixed-mobile convergence applications in the future.