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all together

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Tae Hyun said Posco E&C is the world's only construction company that can carry out the whole construction process of an integrated steelmaking and rolling mill under Pepcom (project execution en bloc throughout the entire project cycle, including project planning, engineering, procurement, construction and operation and maintenance).
Should there be five or fewer candidates for the vacancies, there will be no formal ballot of members but instead those people validly nominated will be put to the Annual General Meeting en bloc for an affirmative vote.
Labour councillors voted en bloc against the Tory and Green amendments, while the 1.
Situated on a sought after road it comprises a lounge, dining area, extended fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, garage en bloc, front and back gardens.
The group tendered resignation en bloc and as a protest joined Qaumi Watan Party.
Colne Valley Conservative said: "In the past weeK, Labour councillors voted en bloc in KirKlees to approve an Aldi SUPERMARKET in Slaithwaite, despite local concerns and a last-minute plea from 39 local businesses.
If they vote yes, the usual practice is to affiliate their members to Labour en bloc and make an appropriate contribution to party funds.
A cet egard, elle a explique que tous les artistes egyptiens se sont retires en moins de cinq minutes apres l'ouverture de la rencontre, dementant en bloc les propos qui lui ont ete attribues et qui ont ete vehicules par certains medias algeriens, des propos qu'elle a qualifies de "tendancieux, fabriques et denues de tout fondement".
Possible scenarios include restructuring, assets sale, en bloc sale and even a merger, the representative confirmed.
We present a case of a quinary debulking consisting of an en bloc resection of an ovarian cancer implant extending from the hepatic dome to the pulmonary parenchyma through the full thickness of the diaphragm.
The researchers developed a method to generate a large amount of such tissue in a short period of time as well as a method that enables en bloc cryopreservation of stratified neural retina of human origin, with useful applications.
ENGLAND are considering picking the Saracens midfield en bloc to face Scotland at Murrayfield on February 3.
Offers can be submitted en bloc or for individual parcels.
Officers, led by chairman Reg Blacklock, were re-elected en bloc.
The Wildcats directors issued a statement revealing they are prepared to step down en bloc as the club seek to consolidate their place in the top flight.