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Synonyms for emulsion

(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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Traditional emulsive photography always had a traceable origin to rely upon.
This emulsive wax type was particularly designed for aqueous applications.
Now that American academia has become even more blandly emulsive and conflict-free in the self-censoring aftermath of 9/11, his admirable candor and abrasiveness are already beginning to sound like the remote echo of another world.
QTC materials give enormous flexibility in the design, shape, thickness and style of a switch or pressure sensor and can be made in a range of elastomeric forms, including emulsive coatings (down to thicknesses of 10 microns), 'bulk' silicone or rubber and textile forms.
These pumps are also great choices for handling oils such as fuel oil, palm oil, soybean oil, oil emulsives, and mineral and vegetable oils.