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copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

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Thus construed, sympathy is a charitable emission of affect, but Miller emphasizes instead the reciprocal benefits that redound to the self when wonder and approbation provoked by another person elicits dissatisfaction with an ill-fitting or stunted self and catalyzes a yearning for emulative transformation.
However, protecting the interests of investors is comparatively emulative followed by the credit situation in the country.
His bardocentric title is not so much misleading as a disservice to his topic, which investigates emulative theory from ancient Roman rhetoricians through to drama written a decade after Shakespeare's death.
D'autre part, en vue d'insuffler une impulsion emulative a cette festivite, les organisateurs ont juge bon de mettre en place une epreuve competitive parmi les troupes participante a cette commemoration populaire.
The coercive and social emulative accounts would interact if the WHO employed a mix of persuasion and imposition strategies, respectively, to engender policy change among its member countries.
Now he's back on the box in the BBC's answer to Johnny Depp saga From Hell, the tale of Victorian-era CSIs tracking down Jack the Ripper, and emulative killers.
Playgoers with an emulative streak might be especially prone to such behavior.
Nagata expected that passage of this historical bill by the Senate will generate an emulative effect for the Provincial Assemblies to initiate similar legislation for out of school children in their respective areas.
In this environment of sharing and demonstrating, Shamoon and Burns argue, "The social nature of directive and emulative tutoring serves to endorse the student's worth as an emerging professional" as she gains the skills necessary to communicate her ideas effectively (184).
His influence was immense both in Japan (particularly Mashiko) and in the West, where his pots found an appreciative and emulative audience.
Admittedly, there is a difference, at least on an interactive level, between representations of death appropriated from the imaginative worlds of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century folk culture and simulations of death-as-a-game in today's virtual and emulative mediums.
These places of cultural consumption are not only places for leisure "time, money and energy but also for the super-cultural effects adopted by consumers--the songs they sing together for certain functions, the clothes they wear, styles of behavior, emulative postures (e.
Sympathy is defined by Smith as an emulative passion, prompted by the imagination of the bystander when he or she witnesses another's feeling
there the 'lairds of the North' were assembled in legislative conclave--there, in a small, snug apartment, boasting of-- 'The white-washed wall, the nicely-sanded floor; The varnished clock that click'd behind the door', the statesmen of the Hunter 'talked with looks profound'--there the rival talents of the houses of Tocal and of Glendon were marshalled in emulative excellence .