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copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

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In short, Freudian psychoanalysis is heavily invested in the fabrication of virtual spaces of play where one may simultaneously conjure and relegate the symptom to a realm of simulation, not unlike how the analyst becomes an emulative space for the analysand, a surrogate body or avatar, via transference.
Loy's speaker then wonders if this act of compenetration is merely a projection of the ego, nothing but a "shallow sound of dissonance / and boom of escaping breath"--a description keenly physical and emulative of laughter.
In his post-biblical existence, Rudolf is inscribed into a logic of pre-figuration and fulfillment that, in turn, prescribes an emulative attitude on his (and therefore our) part' (sic.
Ozawa examines interactive/emulative growth between the US (the lead goose) and the region's catching-up economies--and among the latter themselves--exploring how emulative learning has spread from Japan to other Asian economies.
When she was inculcating true values in the children of her second family, her children back home must have grown up without all those emulative qualities of their mother.
35) The laughter of Milton's deceptive God in Book Eight of Paradise Lost, by Blake's well-focused precision, echoes directly upon the ears of Urizen's "tygers of wrath" in Night the Second of The Four Zoas (24:9-15, 25:1-6), beasts that have turned the heavens into a sinful Desert Wilderness, while a few pages later in Night the Second (29:8-10) Blake's "Architect divine" (satanic Urizen as Milton's godly "great Architect") "Unfolds" the secret "plan" of his "wondrous" heavens, imagery emulative of Book Seven in Paradise Lost (93-97), where "secrets" might "unfold" the complexity of God's extensive celestial "Empire," to Blake's reckoning an Evil Empire (my emphases).
The text is realized only as an emulative act on the part of the reader, which is also paradoxically an act of creation and by way of a path of differences reveals the original authorial initiative as the supra-personal event it in truth always had been.
Since the late 1930s, public policy underwrote the expansion of consumer credit as a means of creating demand in response to the Depression-era collapse of consumer spending and to reinforce a nascent popular consumer culture built on emulative spending and the rapid diffusion of new goods.
Latif's attitude towards political competition, as to other types of competition, was that it should be emulative.
Whether there are elements inside Gaza emulative of al-Qaeda or not, one cannot but draw the comparison between Abbas' statement and repeated claims by Israel of the same nature.
We have now learned that these "narratives of soul and sweetness, which have touched our hearts with the truest sympathy and enkindled our spirits with the warmest glow of emulative admiration," are really the product of "cunning artists" in the form of "eloquent narrators and delicious poets," who have "dishonestly practiced upon our affections and our credulity, making us very children through the medium of our unsuspecting sympathies.
This type of emulative experience provides aspiring writers with behavioural and social feedback to refine their performance and to develop self-regulative standards that are essential for higher levels of learning (Zimmerman & Kitsantas, 2002).
So the intuitive suggestion of the theory is that, rather than the relative hierarchical social standing, similar social positions can be equally important for emulative product adoption.
Actual mothers, as "The New Mother" (1997, 39: 592-609) stresses, naturally imitate the divine pattern and so engender an analogous emulative gratitude; good teachers motivate their pupils by assuming a similarly "maternal" role (1985, 26:325, 334-35).
This paper surveys research on Emulative Neural Network (ENN) models as economic forecasters.