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someone who copies the words or behavior of another

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This product allows Windows Mobile and Windows CE applications to run in emulation mode on the Toughbook U1 using Windows 7.
Demonstration of mobile face-to-face payments with NFC Host Card Emulation mode - NFC is one of the several technologies that can enable the use of mobile for face-to-face payment.
Introduction of ReadyLink[TM] emulation mode which speeds product verification by providing a full USB 3.
We use Veloce extensively in an in-circuit emulation mode and for simulation acceleration.
I was the chief programmer in charge of leading computer programming departments to create emulation software with the same specifications and properties as the real Atomic Power Plant," says Grigor Manoyan, "and using this virtual software, the technicians were able to conduct tests in emulation mode to simulate real life scenarios and collect data for analysis.
The single user Veloce Solo addresses the needs of designers developing systems up to a complexity of 16 million ASIC gates in an acceleration or in-circuit emulation mode.
For laboratories running their existing 57XX calibrator under remote control, the 5730A can be set to run in 5700A/5720A emulation mode, eliminating the need to re-write system software or procedures.
Agilent even provides an 1100 Emulation Mode for customers using non-Agilent software until third-party software upgrades are available.
A user-selectable diode emulation mode enables discontinuous inductor current operation at light load conditions for improved efficiency.
Diode emulation mode (DEM) enables discontinuous inductor current operation at light load conditions for improved efficiency.
The PC clients using DOS Clients are now able to access the database with the same quality and speed as clients who use Linux emulation mode or native Linux environment.
EnerCop is a desktop-based solution, running in either Windows XP or in Windows 7 Professional with "XP Emulation Mode.
The Agilent L4411A has an E1412A/34401A Emulation Mode to ensure the easiest upgrade possible, virtually eliminating costly software and documentation changes.
Such as: a) Performance improvements in custom applications are not likely when moving to Itanium, even with HP's binary compatibility claim because RISC applications will be run differently on Itanium EPIC architecture; b) Emulation mode performs poorly today (although HP is working with Intel to improve this) -- but IT managers usually shy away from running applications on emulators; and, c) IT buyers may have to wait (years?
The Palladium II system delivers up to 10,000 times above the average simulation performance in emulation mode or when regression testing with an embedded testbench.