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Synonyms for emulate



Synonyms for emulate

to take as a model or make conform to a model

to strive against (others) for victory

Words related to emulate

strive to equal or match, especially by imitating

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imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software

compete with successfully

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Additionally, IxLoad makes it possible to efficiently test the performance of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices, which are a crucial part of VoIP services, by emulating SIP callers and callees.
The MAS is a tape-on-disk controller for System/390 mainframes emulating up to 64 3490 tape drives while the zDASD 3990 controller emulates up to 512 3390 data volumes.
This line of sensor emulation boards includes the PCI-RTA-RATIO for emulating ratiometric analog output devices such as strain gauge sensors; the PCI-RTA-HVRATIO for emulating high voltage ratiometric devices; the PCI-RTA-THERMIST for emulating thermistor sensors; the PCI-RTA-LVDAC for emulating low-voltage analog sensors such as oxygen sensors; and the PCI-RTA-THERMO for emulating very-low-voltage sensors such as thermocouples.
By emulating up to 512 data volumes, we are offering significantly greater storage capacity which translates directly into cost savings and flexibility for our customers.
0 make it possible for users to determine the critical roaming performance of a WLAN switch or Access Point infrastructure while the test station running a standard Windows or WinCE Performance Endpoint is emulating latency and packet-loss sensitive applications, such as VoIP, multicast and streaming video, with or without Quality of Service policies applied.
Diligent's VTF Open meets these objectives by emulating tape libraries, enabling existing backup applications to use disk, rather than tape, as their backup medium.
Test Suite Greatly Reduces Testing Costs by Emulating Telephony Devices
This testing infrastructure provides each network participant the ability to confidently gauge the expected performance characteristics of applications running across the Moonv6 network by emulating protocols under real world load conditions.