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Synonyms for empyreal

of or relating to the heavens

Synonyms for empyreal

of or relating to the sky or heavens


inspiring awe

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Among the topics are his empyreal conceit, private piety in the brief epic Paradise Regained, his genii loci and the medieval saints, and the fate of place in Paradise Lost.
Our work is made no easier, of course, by Mailer's insistence on describing his empyreal ambition in terms of loss.
His art traversed empyreal heights and immanent grounds--touching transcendence only to sink back down into earthly concerns.
Similar themes are discussed in "On Imagination," in which the poet and her imagination were depicted as "soaring through the air" to find "Th' empyreal palace of the thund'ring God" (36 11.
So word by word, and line by line, The dead man touched me from the past, And all at once it seemed at last The living soul was flashed on mine, And mine in this was wound, and whirled About empyreal heights of thought, And came on that which is, and caught The deep pulsations of the world.
Dekker again animates remnants of Marlowe, drawing upon both the chronically mobile exploits of Tamburlaine and Mephistopheles' explication to Faustus of the "celestial bodies": "Even from the moon unto the empyreal orb, / Mutually folded in each others' spheres, / And jointly move upon one axletree, / Whose termine is termed the world's wide pole" (1616 text, 2.
The rather horrifying conclusion, "the more highly public life is organized the lower does its morality sink" (74), Forster ultimately transcends, with his temple resting on an empyreal isle of the blessed--empyreal but nonetheless cognizant, as are the previous Pelew Islands, of the sacredness of the spiritual aristocrats' bodies, "since bodies are the instruments through which we register and enjoy the world" (74).
Empyreal Management LLC dba Eagle Ridge Assisted Living, $8,309.
That empyreal realm, they believed, is mirrored in the sky that is visible to humans who inhabit the world that God created, and construed also as the prototype for the proliferating churches of the East that were built to exalt Him, the domes of which mimic the celestial baldachin of the Lord on high.
SPARK approached literary fame, with similar misgivings, wanting--she would write in her poem, 'Against the Transcendentalists"--to "reserve / The right not to try to / Fulfil the wilderness or fly to / Empyreal vacuity with an eye to / Publication.
It's a big book, but it doesn't have empyreal destiny, as most epics have, or something on a scale that takes in the history of the country it comes from and creates a hero.