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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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But inside the empty tomb they find an angel who tells them Jesus has been raised from the dead.
As the sun rose, the crowds sang hymns and choruses, many of them snapping photos of the entrance to the empty tomb.
For Christians, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb.
The entries picked up on Easter themes such as new life, hope and rebirth and many displayed images of the empty tomb from which Christ was raised from the dead.
The egg is a symbol of Jesus' resurrection, as when they are cracked open they stand for the empty tomb.
Of special note are the last two chapters: The Investigations Continue (the spear of destiny, the sandals and cloths of Jesus) and Golgotha and the Empty Tomb.
He is there to see the empty tomb and later to see his ascension.
If Easter eggs symbolise the empty tomb of Jesus in Christian beliefs, then stuffing them with sweets like jelly babies seems a bit, well, unholy.
Such understandings appear to be implied in certain New Testament texts, especially with regard to the time between Jesus' crucifixion on Friday and the discovery of the empty tomb on Sunday.
In Easter 2010, he described his amazement at the Biblical account of the empty tomb, saying: "We are awed by the grace he showed even to those who would have killed him.
This season, we can remember that God favors each of us enough to send Jesus into the world to proclaim good news to us, to embody good news for us, and to defeat the bad news through the power of the cross and the empty tomb.
Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, California had announced back in May that it would sell the empty tomb, but insisted that they were planning to wait "until Forest Hills finds a plan that best suits the interests of the fans while respecting and preserving the memory of Elvis Presley.
A "vision" of Jesus, encouraging the disciples to continue the mission, would not require an empty tomb.
I believe firmly that, in the empty tomb of Easter Morning, we see God's promise fulfilled.
The darker, more contemplative days of the Lenten season make way for the journey into wholeness which only an empty tomb and a risen Lord can confirm.