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loud and confused and empty talk

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The BCCI acting secretary added that all this is just empty talk and that the BCCI is very well aware of its legal position.
Major General Hassan Firuzabadi said threats by certain countries, the US included, are nothing but empty talk.
They need outstanding character and not hollow humility or empty talk.
The reasons behind this deterioration were the revolution, politics, politicians, democracy, and empty talk, and as a result, the country is in need of serious work.
landmarks overseas and plotting to support "violent jihad'' after a federal jury in Atlanta rejected his arguments that it was empty talk.
Once the government had these figures, it could have drafted a credible policy for protecting the most vulnerable groups, instead of the president giving vague assurances that the parties have been dismissing as empty talk.
Decolonization, or notions of the postcolonial, in the Indian context is merely empty talk.
Recently there has been a great deal of empty talk to the effect that we had put Iskanders somewhere in the wrong place.
Communities spokesman Toni Schiavone said: "It's time for Wales' politicians to act for the Welsh instead of offering more of empty talk.
The result is the same whether it is a silent devil or a seller of empty talk.
Mr Muscat said prompt action between Malta and Italy had saved lives, but he complained, "From the European side we have heard only talk, empty talk really".
Empty talk and promises cannot convince anyone," the MP of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) stated.
The DPRK's declaration that it will react to the nukes of the enemy with nuclear attack more powerful than them is by no means an empty talk," he added.
In Yugoslavia, where workers' self-management was more than empty talk, the problems of decentralized, firm-based decision-making became apparent.
The negotiations under way in Washington over the fiscal cliff have, so far, involved a lot of empty talk about compromise, plenty of competing economic claims, and tons of special-interest lobbying.