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loud and confused and empty talk

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The South Korean puppet war-like forces would be well advised to act with discretion, bearing deep in mind that such measures of the KPA (army) will not end in an empty talk," North Korea s KCNA news agency quoted a top official as saying.
KuttabA concluded: As negotiations begin, is it not now time for Israel to replace empty talk with action?
Here in Ontario's Twilight Zone, words have strange meanings, plans are not plans, empty talk is bold action, growth is declining population.
Given that these communities represent a large portion of the Dubai expatriate population, this is another sign that, despite the empty talk of sceptics, there is a continuing flow of real data showing the stability of the expatriate population," Dr Omar said.
Until and unless this mechanism yields results, it will be another venue for empty talk," he said.
Specific healthcare change without an actionable plan is simply empty talk.
It is time to move beyond empty talk and to exploit the wisdom of entrepreneurs through the power of markets.
Our military does not engage in empty talk," the Korean Central News Agency said, disregarding an appeal from South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak for "straightforward" talking to calm the atmosphere.
What we need is more consensus, less controversy, more practical action, less empty talk, more cohesion, less division,'' he said.
We're too wise to be taken in by hidden agendas, lies, bluff, spin, waffle, empty talk.
Psychobabble (defined by Webster as talk or writing that employs the language and concepts of psychology and psychiatry in a trite and superficial way,) claptrap (defined by Webster as showy, insincere, empty talk or writing, intended only to get applause or notice,) is the best description of this attempt to prove that private schools are actually no better or worse than public schools.
Instead he has built his Test side on a foundation of preconceived ideas and innate conservatism - much as he did whenever his England team came up against real opposition who refused to swallow his empty talk of open rugby.
The National Governors Association and other local administrative groups are calling for a second phase of reforms to realize an even more extensive transfer of tax resources, but the discussions so far may lead only to empty talk.
When I say there are new, higher expectations about service, it is not empty talk.
We must create conditions in which people feel they can fully use their abilities and get a proper reward or all this will be empty talk.