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a parent whose children have grown up and left home

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Rhoades advises empty nesters not to rush into any move, especially one that puts them in a very different type of living situation.
The Sydney Morning Herald identified the Aussie empty nesters as Catherine and Robert Lawton, 54 and 57, who are flying to different parts of the world after their three adult daughters have left home.
We now have "helicopter parents" who hover over every move their child makes, "boomerang babies" for children who treat their parents' homes less like an empty nest and more like a revolving door, and "half-full nests," which are empty nesters whose time is filled by parents who need care.
Sixty-four percent of empty nester online women bought something online compared to only 55% of women 25-39 and 58% of men.
And they have an eye on a host of condo projects planned for downtown, hoping that could mean more students, despite city officials' assessment that the luxury condos would be bought by empty nesters or young professionals.
Empty nesters are expected to have a major impact on the restaurant industry, according to NPD Group.
Minneapolis-based Pillsbury launched a nationwide marketing campaign designed to help Empty Nesters adjust to cooking, buying and organizing meals for a smaller household.
The American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) surveyed parents whose children have moved out and learned that nearly half of America's empty nesters will reinvest in their nest by renovating their current home, purchasing a new one, or even by splurging on a vacation home.
That's because empty nesters are not going to sit around the house and cook.
Its current profile is getting older and its strength now lies in the older dependents, empty nesters and retired groups.
Empty nesters are an increasingly powerful consumer cohort due to their greater financial freedom.
While startup families in affluent suburban spreads and comfortable country older bustling families are especially big on baking their own chocolaty treats, established couples, empty nesters and seniors all show higher than average consumption rates of the product - either out of nostalgia for the taste of yesteryear's home-baked goodies, or because they're such fun to make and share with visiting friends and relatives - particularly grandkids.
It depended on all young couples moving out of Cardiff, and some empty nesters at 55-60-years-old selling their family homes to move into apartments in the Bay, thereby making room for the young couples who don't move to Caerphilly.
The younger empty nesters (those aged 45-54) are not far behind - going on 857,000 extended trips a year.
Empty nesters and childless young professionals are expected to be the target market.