empty nester

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a parent whose children have grown up and left home

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They tend to have less property, meaning an empty nester won't have to spend a lot of time maintaining the property.
I remember one friend telling me his plan was to do something completely different, like leave the country so the trauma of being an empty nester would be replaced by something very, very different," she says.
Women and Digital Lifestyles special analysis was designed to understand the emerging digital lifestyles of American women and key drivers of adoption in four lifestages: young singles, moms with young kids, moms with tweens/teens and empty nesters.
Becoming an empty nester marks a new life phase, and downsizing in place or moving to a new home is an exciting part of the transition away from their primary career or from the day-to-day rearing of school-aged children," said Ehle.
If the empty nesters don't show any signs of leaving their suburban semis, more greenfield land will be needed.
The various life phases in the sweepstakes included new home owners, those in the real estate market, growing families, empty nesters and alternative users that seek to use the space in untraditional ways beyond storage.
Leader in Garage Organization Partners with Do-It-Yourself Expert Karl Champley to Help Empty Nesters Create Practical Space
Whether grown children leave behind personal belongings or clean them out completely, these empty nesters have a unique opportunity to re-make their garage space.
I feel a real need to do this,'' said the self-described empty nester.
com Community Director Beth Fredericks, an empty nester herself, offers the following ten helpful tips for parents to consider as they face what can be a very tough transition.
Pillsbury has proclaimed November as "Celebrate Empty Nester Month" and is offering empty nesters information about cooking, buying and organizing meals for two-person households.
The true empty nester, no longer responsible for his or her children, is more likely to be 60 than 50.
And since November is Empty Nester Month now is the time to look at the best ways to adjust to smaller households and fewer responsibilities.
As a nationwide builder we were well positioned to benefit in fiscal 1997 from the combination of a strong national economy, record consumer confidence and the tremendous demographics of the move-up and empty nester luxury markets in all regions.
The target market is certainly those that desire the areas of Sutton and Beekman Place, the empty nester, the investor, and international users and investors," said Zeckendorf.