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a parent whose children have grown up and left home

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She had pangs of empty nest syndrome when her second daughter married, similar to that of Rachel when her third son marries.
that was inevitably left to the last minute, one cure for empty nest syndrome indeed
I wonder if the empty nest syndrome is as heart tugging for female animals and birds as for female humans?
But it's really nothing new--it's no different from the empty nest syndrome and the retirement phenomenon.
social and political: empty nest syndrome, sex offender, shopaholic, transgendered, yuppify
With fear of aging, losing loved ones, empty nest syndrome, divorce and financial difficulties being only some of the stresses of adult life and the senior years, adult eating disorders are on the rise.
Commonly known as empty nest syndrome it describes the mixed emotions experienced by many parents when their children leave home - either to go to university or just move onto independent living.
ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM PSYCHOLOGIST Dr Kairen Cullen agrees that, while feeling the effects of empty nest syndrome is totally understandable, there are many things that can be done to put a positive spin on this huge family change: "Most parents give themselves body and soul to the family project, so when children are no longer physically present, it's no surprise that many feel as though they've lost purpose, identity and direction," she says.
She's got a place at university and is due to start next month and while I'm so proud of her, I already have empty nest syndrome.
My daughter is 15 and she's going into her last year of school in September - so I know how you feel having empty nest syndrome.
While a record number of young people will be excited about the prospect of leaving home for university, many mums and dads will be happy for their children, but at the same time dreading them leaving and learning to cope with empty nest syndrome.
This week I heard Michel Roux cooking perfect ratatouille in the same programme as a woman revealing the problems of empty nest syndrome for single parents and someone else who'd worked out how to stop our university students from becoming laddish yobs.
The empty nest syndrome will now affect both Jenner parents and all the drama will surely be documented in the family's host of reality TV shows.
The latter stage of life is when someone can become bored of their partner, whether through the forced companionship of retirement, or empty nest syndrome, both of which can show how little a couple have in common once the kids have left.