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a parent whose children have grown up and left home

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She had pangs of empty nest syndrome when her second daughter married, similar to that of Rachel when her third son marries.
that was inevitably left to the last minute, one cure for empty nest syndrome indeed
But it's really nothing new--it's no different from the empty nest syndrome and the retirement phenomenon.
social and political: empty nest syndrome, sex offender, shopaholic, transgendered, yuppify
With fear of aging, losing loved ones, empty nest syndrome, divorce and financial difficulties being only some of the stresses of adult life and the senior years, adult eating disorders are on the rise.
While a record number of young people will be excited about the prospect of leaving home for uni, many mums and dads will be dreading learning to cope with empty nest syndrome.
PARENTS used to talk about empty nest syndrome when their children finally left home.
Affinity Plus said Markland's departure was prompted by empty nest syndrome after his second child, a son, recently left for college.
Proactive techniques help combat Empty Nest Syndrome
Most women whose kids leave home experience empty nest syndrome - you just don't know any of them.
The show's other women teetering on the edge of 'the change' are Hilary O'Neil's Sylvia, who finally plucks up courage to make the break after suffering in a dull marriage since she was 20, and Anne Smith as widow Helen who finds herself struggling with empty nest syndrome after her only daughter decamps to university.