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Synonyms for empty

Synonyms for empty

containing nothing

lacking value, use, or substance

lacking intelligent thought or content

not having a desirable element

to remove the contents of

to pass or pour out

Synonyms for empty

a container that has been emptied

Related Words

become empty or void of its content

leave behind empty

excrete or discharge from the body

holding or containing nothing


devoid of significance or point

needing nourishment

Related Words

emptied of emotion

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Having subsequently developed the distinction between Sinn (a modality of noematic meaning that belongs to all acts) and Bedeutung (which pertains exclusively to linguistic meaning), Husserl now argues that what is emptily meant in perceptual acts--for instance, the back side of a perceived barn--is not signitively given.
Ultimately they both concede and chatter emptily about the approaching harsh weather.
Paul disappears after tonight's episode, and the fate of Dune is left to rest on the shoulders of his twin children, Leto (James McAvoy) and Ghanima (Jessica Brooks), who, when they reach adulthood, are, let's just say, very friendly with one another (Alia undresses before Paul in one scene, which makes you wonder about what was going on in Herbert's life, particularly since this miniseries suggests not one but two emptily unhappy marriages).
A successful businessman, he admitted emptily to his small-time mates: "Nowadays, the firm is my life.
while her departure from the seriously sequential Friends has left her heels clattering emptily on the pavements of Hollywood.
Now even before hunting goes a well-funded American group is trying to outlaw fishing with an emptily emotive poster showing a dog with a fish hook in its mouth.
the mailbox remains shut, its flag sadly flaccid; and worse, Silence: the seconds seep emptily, un-Voicefully by; a deep, terrifying Silence that, at its most traitorous, will unmask the subtle undersounds of existence one is not ordinarily supposed to hear: breath, heartbeat, the purr of the CPU -- processing, of course, very little at the moment, and certainly nothing complicated.
The brainwashing will continue, tho the work be found acceptable, and people will talk as emptily about the void, hipness, the drug high, tenderness, comradeship, spontaneous creativity, beat spiritual individuality and sacramentalism, as they have been talking about man's "moral destiny.
Vicky's parents said that the days pass emptily while they wait for news of their daughter.
In this reversed scene, then, it is the prostitute who lies flat under him, sweating under his bombardment, as it were, emptily invoking "dear jesus.
I think about her, and the rest of them, whenever I hear someone from the Westminster village a sounding off emptily about education.
His idea of meaningful contemplation is to gaze emptily into the distance, his face devoid of all expression.
Watching her as the failing Murdoch, ferocious in the beginning stages of the disease and then later staring emptily off into space, is to observe the work of a master.
And I dare say he can't wait to emote emptily over Damilola's killers if and when - and it's a big if - they are ever brought to book.
And so the years stretch emptily ahead of him as he slips inexorably down the royal pecking order.