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Synonyms for empty

Synonyms for empty

containing nothing

lacking value, use, or substance

lacking intelligent thought or content

not having a desirable element

to remove the contents of

to pass or pour out

Synonyms for empty

a container that has been emptied

Related Words

become empty or void of its content

leave behind empty

excrete or discharge from the body

holding or containing nothing


devoid of significance or point

needing nourishment

Related Words

emptied of emotion

Related Words

References in classic literature ?
Not at all; Fortune, who lets whole populations die of hunger, showered all her gifts at once upon the little aristocrat, like Kryloff's Cloud which passes over an arid plain and empties itself into the sea.
Most of the boats are always away now, for a great many of Hooja's men and nearly all the slaves are upon the Island of Trees, where Hooja is hav-ing many boats built to carry his warriors across the water to the mouth of a great river which he discovered while he was returning from Phutra--a vast river that empties into the sea there.
We came to the cliffs beside the little river where it empties into the bay with the great inland sea beyond.
Then he plodded down the road himself, to the water tank, where half a dozen empties lay on a side-track waiting for the up freight.
In 2010 a survey of the recorded owners of the 1,056 empties found 42 owners were considering making their properties available for rent - some received a letter from the project with renting options.