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invested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter

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I am empowered to advance the cost of your preparations for your marriage out of that fund.
Fairlie's friend in London, who was empowered to conclude all necessary arrangements.
They were not long in reaching the barracks, for the officer who commanded the party was desirous to avoid rousing the people by the display of military force in the streets, and was humanely anxious to give as little opportunity as possible for any attempt at rescue; knowing that it must lead to bloodshed and loss of life, and that if the civil authorities by whom he was accompanied, empowered him to order his men to fire, many innocent persons would probably fall, whom curiosity or idleness had attracted to the spot.
If I had, I might have wished to be now empowered to mention to another gentleman, a gentleman of military
And thus empowered, the young gentleman walked away, awakening all the echoes in George Yard as he did so, with several chaste and extremely correct imitations of a drover's whistle, delivered in a tone of peculiar richness and volume.
Empowered Empathy Rose Rosetree Women's Intuition Worldwide 116 Hillsdale Dr, Sterling, VA 20164 0975253816 $49.
But Rick believes he has a team that doesn't feel empowered despite his best efforts to empower them.
Many powerful, well-known women aren't externally beautiful in the classic sense, but are the epitome of empowered.
London, a wireless infrastructure software firm, has released its Java-based Empowered WAP Gateway to the open source community.
So what differentiates the empowering leader from the empowered leader?
In fact, employees are more than motivated--they are empowered.
Leaders don't simply wave a wand and say, "You are empowered, go forth and do quality things.
The process of empowering an individual or a system, means "to give power or authority to; to authorize; as, the president is empowered to veto legislation" (Webster, 1978, p.
Empower United's vision is to provide a fully empowered cash-back loyalty program that will allow people to make serious money together.