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an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people

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the "Company") was incorporated in the State of Illinois in 1962 and is the successor to employment offices doing business since 1893.
Temporary Employment offices use an employee's services by hiring him out to work for a third party, where they carry out the work or service under the supervision of the third party.
25 lakhunemployed youth registered at the employment offices by March 18.
While officials at the MoLSA claim they are trying to eradicate unemployment, find jobs for local people and increase their skills, statistics available at the Ministry suggest that the Ministry and its employment offices have failed to achieve this objective.
This took place before employment offices became monitored.
The employment offices in the governorate recorded until late February 2010, nearly 3650 applications.
These Labor Market Intermediaries (LMIs) range from criminal records' providers, public employment offices, labor unions, and temporary help agencies, to centralized medical residency matches.
ANKARA, Aug 24, 2009 (TUR) -- Private employment offices found job for 16,138 people in 2009.
citizens queued up by the hundreds outside the doors of Swift & Company employment offices for the chance to do the difficult work that experts tell us American citizens will no longer do.
State employment offices may also have information; see, for example, the career portfolio information for Florida students online at facts023.
3% obtained information at public employment offices while 57.
Examples of Labour failures include n the collapse of the NHS dental service, now almost completely privatised, shows the way the rest of the NHS is going under Labour's Thatcherite policies the unjust council tax, which shows Labour no longer believes taxation should be based on the ability to pay n the closure of employment offices in rural areas resulting in loss of jobs and poorer services n the deterioration in postal services with later deliveries and earlier collections, which will get worse in rural areas with Labour's privatisation plans.
It posts job openings at employment offices and community college campuses, and conducts quarterly job fairs.
The practice is currently working for the Department of Work and Pensions across the UK on the modernisation and some new-builds of job centres and employment offices.
Protestors gathered outside the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment offices in Dublin yesterday afternoon.
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