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an interview to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a position of employment

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A Review of Canadian Human Rights Cases Involving the Employment Interview.
While Warden Downey, no doubt, uses employment interviews as an integral part of his hiring process, the critical question becomes is he conducting those interviews in the most effective manner.
But in the relatively short time of an employment interview, how do you tell if this guy or gal is a good bet or not?
Mock interviews can be conducted using pseudo job descriptions, creating a more realistic example of what to expect during an employment interview.
When physical disabilities are not liabilities: The role of applicant and interviewer characteristics on employment interview outcomes.
So you will want to have at least two or three practice interviews conducted by professionals under your belt before you have an actual employment interview.
The employment interview context: Social and situational influences on interviewer decisions.
Today, the intake interview is emerging as an employment interview and the primary goal is to identify job readiness and training preferences.
To help you do that, here's a rule, almost a law of nature, that you must take to heart: The sole purpose of an employment interview is to get a job offer.
Whether this formal assessment, or the more informal assessment that takes place in the employment interview, is used, it is important that managers take the responsibility for selecting staff who will be able to contribute to collaborative efforts such as AIS.
To avoid surprises and retain potentially good employees, communicate expectations and policies candidly with employees starting during the initial employment interview.
Beatty, in The Five-Minute Interview, describes the employment interview as "a two-way conversation intended to provide a maximum flow of information in both directions so that both parties have sufficient information on which to base a well-founded employment decision.
The apartment complex owner successfully refuted the negligent-hiring claim by showing that it had secured past employment information and personal data on the employee and that there was nothing in that information, or in anything revealed in his employment interview, to indicate that the attendant posed a threat to others.
She holds 6 industry certifications including Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Coach, Certified Job & Career Transition Coach, Certified Job & Career Development Coach, Certified Web Portfolio Practitioner, and Certified Resume Strategist for IT professionals.
Some key topics include: knowing how to prepare for an employment interview, how to conduct an effective employment interview, and understanding common mistakes made during the employment interview process.
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