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contract between employer and employee

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In consolidated cases, the Tax Court denied the IRS summary judgment, concluding that the phrase "termination for cause" in the taxpayers' restricted stock and employment agreements did not have the same meaning as "discharged for cause" in Regs.
If one taxpayer were terminated "with cause, as defined in Section 7 of the Employment Agreement," he would likewise be deemed to have offered to sell all of his stock to tin- company.
If you do not have an employment agreement, have one drafted promptly, Make sure it protects your intellectual property by having an experienced intellectual property lawyer involved.
Accordingly, in order to reduce exposure to employment claims in a cost-effective manner, employers should consider including contractual limitation period provisions in their employment agreements, handbooks and applications.
Although an employment agreement cannot restrict an employee from plying his or her trade, it can provide a knowledge-based business with a period of time in which the employee cannot compete with his former employer.
The hospital pointed out the time specifics in the employment agreement, and they let her go.
Covering the basics in an employment agreement affords you some protection.
As part of ensuring compliance with Registered Employment Agreements and Employment Law in the engagement of construction workers the NRA has a requirement for ongoing site inspection the role involves monitoring and auditing of all construction contractors and sub contractors to ensure compliance with: Terms and conditions of the Registered Employment Agreements for the construction and electrical contracting industries including: Registered Employment Agreement (Construction Industry Pensions Assurance and Sick Pay).
At no time did the father have an employment agreement with Martin Ice Cream (MIC).
today announced that it has provided a notice of non-renewal of the employment agreement with President and Chief Executive Officer Heywood Wilansky.
She was to be paid $400 a month under the employment agreement.
HUTT VALLEY and Wairarapa District Health Board (DHB) medical radiation technologists have ratified a settlement offer for their collective employment agreement.
In court documents asking the Delaware Court of Chancery to throw out a lawsuit about the pay, Disney said it awarded the generous severance package because Ovitz had enough clout to insist upon it in his employment agreement.
Once the group decides to include a reastrictive covenant in the employment agreement, it must draft the clause to maximize its enforceability.
com/research/c5ae69/what_venture_capit) has announced the addition of the "What Venture Capitalists Need to Know Before Structuring or Negotiating Their Next Employment Agreement with a Founder" audioconference to their offering.
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