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someone who runs an employment agency

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Kareem had reportedly worked as a maid in the Gulf, and wanted to do a similar kind of job in Malaysia after her employment agent assured to help her in this regard.
Arab News learned that employment agents in Sri Lanka run an organized racket in cooperation with medical clinics to make a fast buck.
Allegedly hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, each paid more than A$2,000 to employment agents in India and Pakistan and were promised double the wages they actually received, plus plane tickets to visit their families once a year, but found when they arrived (some after selling land or taking out large loans) that they had no access to healthcare and many other basic rights.
The Saudi government should "rigorously prosecute employers and employment agents who abuse migrant domestic workers, and reform criminal justice laws including evidence laws that make it difficult to prove rape and easy to convict for witchcraft," the body said in its Protection of Migrants' Rights report in 2009.
Most significantly reformers who acted as employment agents urged freedwomen to migrate north as individual workers, often leaving behind family members.
Echoing her words Evelynn Mutio, general secretary of Kenya's National Nurses Association claimed: "The UK and US are poaching our nurses through employment agents and we can do nothing about it.
Addams asserted that white men working as employment agents brought African-American women from the South to place in Northern brothels.
This contract is intended to ensure the safety of persons and property (pole of employment agents and the public), to prevent, intervene and control any suspicious action on settlements spread over the 8 regional departments component Ile-de-France.
Having to pay bribes to employment agents, not seeing contracts or having contracts altered, delayed payments or payment deductions as well as improper living conditions are among the challenges to be addressed to improve the migrant worker conditions in Qatar, he pointed out.
Passionate about recruitment, Sarah is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals as well as being an active member of The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM).
The report was based on the a statement released by an association of foreign employment agents in Sri Lanka, which said that the Sri Lankan government has suspended sending housemaids to Saudi Arabia.
According to sources, workers who migrate to Oman have to raise a fair amount of money to pay to employment agents, which most manage by mortgaging property or taking loans at high interest rates as recruitment agents usually charge higher recruitment fees than legally permitted.
The men were promised lucrative jobs and flew to Dubai last month after each paying employment agents Dh10,000 (BD1,016) but when they arrived they discovered their employment visas were fakes and they had no jobs, 7Days reported.
Contract notice: Social services of labor market for the benefit of pole employment agents centre region.
Ortner wrote that Fusari and his company violated statutes, which prohibited them from "acting as employment agents without a licence and charging Lady Gaga an unlawful fee for their purported services".
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