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someone who runs an employment agency

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Kareem had reportedly worked as a maid in the Gulf, and wanted to do a similar kind of job in Malaysia after her employment agent assured to help her in this regard.
In measures that could prevent transnational labor trafficking of Sri Lankans, the SLBFE reported that it filed 727 charges against recruitment agencies in 2010 under Sections 398 (cheating) and 457 (forgery for the purpose of cheating), conducted 84 raids against employment agents, and fined recruitment agencies found to be guilty of fraudulent practices over $40,000.
When she refused, the employment agent put a gun to her head, beat her, starved her, and kept her confined to the employment agency.
Contract notice: Passed according to the adapted procedure provided for in article 28 of decree no2016-360 of 25 march 2016, the purpose of this consultation is to conclude a public contract for the purpose of purchasing regular and occasional road transport services on the basis of the needs of the disabled employment agents in the yvelines (78), essonne (91), senior seine 92, and val d~oise (95).
Along with the large number of skilled and unskilled workers getting jobs in Arab countries, a fairly large number of Sri Lankan maids also manage to obtain jobs through dubious employment agents and remit home an estimated US$ 7,241.
Although there was no official announcement from the Philippines' side, employment agents here told media that employment contracts submitted at the embassy last week had been rejected as the salaries were too low.
Added to these are the atrocities of employment agents who recruit these people by charging colossal amounts but often carry them on tempered documents.
As this impressive report demonstrates, many people are currently being forced to make illegal payments to unscrupulous employment agents in their home countries in order to secure Qatari work visas.
As part of QF efforts to identify and take action against unlawful employment agents in sending countries, a series of field trips has been planned to assess specific issues in each territory.
Sarah Ellwood, managing director, commented: "We are committed to raising standards within recruitment and work alongside the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, Recruitment and Employment Confederation and The Employment Agents Movement to ensure that best practice is upheld within our industry.
Arab News learned that employment agents in Sri Lanka run an organized racket in cooperation with medical clinics to make a fast buck.
Allegedly hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, each paid more than A$2,000 to employment agents in India and Pakistan and were promised double the wages they actually received, plus plane tickets to visit their families once a year, but found when they arrived (some after selling land or taking out large loans) that they had no access to healthcare and many other basic rights.
It adds that amendments passed in 2009 to the Foreign Employment Act expanded the powers of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) to prosecute recruitment agents who engage in fraudulent recruitment, prescribing a maximum penalty of four years' imprisonment and fines of $1,000, and restricting the amount that employment agents can charge.
Trafficking offenders in the Maldives usually fall into three groups: families that subject domestic servants to forced labor; employment agents who bring low-skilled migrant workers to the Maldives under false terms of employment and upon payment of high fees for purposes of forced labor; and employers who subject the migrants to conditions of forced labor upon arrival.
The Saudi government should "rigorously prosecute employers and employment agents who abuse migrant domestic workers, and reform criminal justice laws including evidence laws that make it difficult to prove rape and easy to convict for witchcraft," the body said in its Protection of Migrants' Rights report in 2009.
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