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an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people

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At this point the Employment Agency has 30 teams composed of its employees who visit companies.
The company's employment agency locator program is allowed the user to search for any job agencies by zipcode, city and state.
First there will be advisory followed by narrow decision which we will implement in our work--stressed Chief of Employment Agency, Vlatko Popovski.
Youth unemployment remains a grave problem in the country - about 59,000 people under 29 are looking for a job, the data of the National Employment Agency suggests.
BEIRUT: Police detained two employees at an employment agency for domestic workers over the rape of an Ethiopian woman, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement Sunday.
The German Federal Employment Agency is the largest service provider in the German labor market and offers comprehensive services for job seekers, employers, apprentices and employees.
In addition, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in October stood at 4,347,000 - a 22,000 fall compared to last year, according to the Federal Employment Agency.
Q Is an employment agency able to charge a worker a fee for finding him/her work?
He was helped by Kirklees Council's Realistic Employment for Adults with Learning Disabilities (REAL) Employment Agency.
Celik said Employment Agency, or ISKUR, would take a giant step forward to become a contemporary public employment agency as labor and vocational advisers were employed.
Kamelia Lozanova has been appointed deputy executive director of Bulgaria's Employment Agency, with a portfolio of overseeing European and international projects.
The ordinance limited the right of setting up a private employment agency for UAE citizens and also stipulated that every partner and signatory in an employment agency should be citizens to be eligible for applying for a licence.
If you need to hire temps or fill long-term positions, consider turning to an employment agency for help.
Relona Jonaitiene, director of Darbintera recruitment and employment agency in Siauliai, asserts that the new legislation triggers the flourishing of shady employment agencies.
LIVERPOOL Council spent pounds 10m on agency staff last year, prompting calls for Merseyside authorities to set up their own employment agency.
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