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Synonyms for employment

Synonyms for employment

the act of employing for wages

the state of being employed


the condition of being put to use

Synonyms for employment

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The IRS argued the benefits package gave employees the option of returning to work at CSX if they transferred to a new location; therefore, employees electing the separation option had voluntarily terminated their employment and the payments did not qualify as SUB payments.
Plaintiff claimed he was not told that his employment could be terminated without cause or "at will" during interviews or when he received a verbal job offer, which he accepted.
Outstanding Local Veterans Employment Representative: Shawn Deabay, Texas Workforce Center, Lufkin, Tex.
58-301, 1958-1 CB 23, an employee with a five-year contract right to employment agreed to relinquish it during the second year in exchange for a lump-sum payment.
19) Thus, liability often is created by a combination of the employment relationship and the conduct causing the harm occurring within the scope of the employee's duties.
Given the employment and growth benefits of a dynamic service sector, why have so few economies adopted service sector reforms?
Many suggestions have been made for improving the business world's hiring practices in regard to disability issues, such as developing a regular recruiting process that draws from the community of disability; building long-term relationships with organizations in the community that are committed to the employment of people with disabilities; making upper-level policy changes regarding diversity; obtaining commitment from senior managers to the employment diversification program; continuously teaching and reinforcing information about disabilities with all employees; and maintaining a diverse, forward-thinking work environment (Younes, 2001).
When infant gestational age was further added, the association of birth weight with unemployment persisted, whereas that with involuntary part time work did not; in addition, compared with women whose employment status did not change, those who switched to work paying poverty wages gave birth to infants who were significantly lighter (109 g less), as did those who left the labor force (85 g less).
Community Advocates for Employment Opportunities Fund Project, Estavan: To provide employment assistance services for 10 persons with disabilities in Estevan.
More companies seem to be selecting interns for their employment pool.
We understand there are other factors, and we work with clients on them, but we see it all as an effort to propel them into employment.
Even if accusations of wrongful employment acts are false, they can cause the accused to lose business clients, and there is no guarantee that he or she will fully recover.
The heterogeneity of individual characteristics and the life circumstances of students with developmental disorders make it difficult to establish a causal relationship between early interventions and adult employment outcomes.
Ultimately, these self-imposed limits negatively affect their employment outcomes and quality of life.
Differential payments clearly constitute income under section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code and would appear to be "wages" for purposes of federal income tax withholding (FITW), Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes, because the benefits are being provided based on the employee's past employment relationship with the civilian employer.
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