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Synonyms for employ

in the service of


  • in the service of
  • employed by
  • hired by
  • engaged by
  • in the payroll of

Synonyms for employ

to obtain the use or services of

to make busy

the state of being employed

Synonyms for employ

References in classic literature ?
Marheyo--for such was his name--appeared to have retired from all active participation in the affairs of the valley, seldom or never accompanying the natives in their various expeditions; and employing the greater part of his time in throwing up a little shed just outside the house, upon which he was engaged to my certain knowledge for four months, without appearing to make any sensible advance.
Fanny was up in a moment, expecting some errand; for the habit of employing her in that way was not yet overcome, in spite of all that Edmund could do.
The French police offered to send to London one of their best men, well acquainted with the English language, if Lady Lydiard was desirous of employing him.
You are like the servant,' I replied, 'who, instead of employing his one talent in his master's service, restored it to him unimproved, alleging, as an excuse, that he knew him "to be a hard man, reaping where he had not sown, and gathering where he had not strawed.
At the request of British MEPs, who it seems like employing their relatives more than MEPs from other countries, a transitional period was allowed to give members time to make other arrangements.
The 2009 report recommended that MPs who had family members on their staff should be able to continue employing them for one further Parliament or five years.
Employ Media has clearly demonstrated its willingness and ability to use half-truths and empty promises to lull the ICANN staff into a false sense of security about its intentions, and this latest extension suggests the registry operator is employing this tactic once again.
A Midland MP has threatened to quit the House of Commons if he is barred from employing his wife as his secretary.
Last night, Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, called for an end to the practice of employing family members.
Ed Ott, the director of public relations for the New York City Central Labor Council, said that contractors employing illegal immigrants can have negative effects on more than just a single job site.
These plans can be funded by the employing organization, but even if they are completely funded by the cleric, they provide attractive benefits that aren't available with other retirement plans.
This case study explored in detail the increased mission effectiveness that USAF F-15Cs employing data links achieved in comparison to F-15Cs using voice only communications.
The FOX network has more minority actors than any of its three major competitors, employing 121 minorities in a regular or recurring role last season.
Senior Systems Technology opened a plant in 1998, employing about 200 workers who manufacture electronic components for communication gear, irrigation systems and other uses.
A COVENTRY tax specialist has warned of the pitfalls large companies may face in employing freelances and self-employed workers.
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