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Synonyms for employ

in the service of


  • in the service of
  • employed by
  • hired by
  • engaged by
  • in the payroll of

Synonyms for employ

to obtain the use or services of

to make busy

the state of being employed

Synonyms for employ

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But this doesn't affect MPs already employing a relative, who are not breaking any rules.
At the request of British MEPs, who it seems like employing their relatives more than MEPs from other countries, a transitional period was allowed to give members time to make other arrangements.
Peter Luff (Con, Mid Worcestershire) said the practice of MPs employing their spouses had probably saved marriages.
Ed Ott, the director of public relations for the New York City Central Labor Council, said that contractors employing illegal immigrants can have negative effects on more than just a single job site.
These plans can be funded by the employing organization, but even if they are completely funded by the cleric, they provide attractive benefits that aren't available with other retirement plans.
This case study explored in detail the increased mission effectiveness that USAF F-15Cs employing data links achieved in comparison to F-15Cs using voice only communications.
The FOX network has more minority actors than any of its three major competitors, employing 121 minorities in a regular or recurring role last season.
Senior Systems Technology opened a plant in 1998, employing about 200 workers who manufacture electronic components for communication gear, irrigation systems and other uses.
We believe that employing a nine-man front with quick corner support justifies the manner in which we utilize the safeties.
Among the most welcome news is the arrival of Exel Logistics, the warehousing company for General Mills, which is taking over the 765,000-square-foot former Nestle facility in Fort Wayne, employing 10.
1) Trained and Justified: The officer employed use of force that was a trained technique recognized and authorized by the employing agency.
Minimum wage laws set a lower limit for all organizations, efficiency wage policies or job-based pay structures restrict or eliminate lower-wage jobs, and inseparabilities of worker outputs often rule out the use of individual piece rates to lower the costs of employing less productive workers (Alchian and Demsetz 1972).
IN THE 1990S, HOSPITALS and health systems took an aggressive approach to purchasing practice assets and employing primary care physicians.
This arrangement proved so effective, both in employing blind people and providing the government with quality merchandise, that other disability organizations sought to amend the Act to employ people with other kinds of disabilities.
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