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Synonyms for employer

Synonyms for employer

one that employs persons for wages


Antonyms for employer

a person or firm that employs workers

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The end will come when our demands are satisfied, and our demands will be satisfied when we have starved our employers into submission, as we ourselves in the past have often been starved into submission.
We stopped to read another proclamation: "When we think our employers are ready to submit we shall open up the telegraphs and place the employers' associations of the United States in communication.
There hadn't been any employers left in San Francisco, but General Folsom had spoken for them.
My employer drove home through it in his gig, and reached the house wetted to the skin.
The next morning I sent my testimonials to the Professor's employer in Portland Place.
His employers (acting under a sense of their obligation to the gentleman by whom Frank had been recommended) had considered the question carefully, and had decided that the one promising use to which they could put Mr.
During that year, Frank was to remain at the office in London; his employers being informed beforehand that family circumstances prevented his accepting their offer of employment in China.
My plan for him is that he should still profit by the interest which his present employers take in him.
No men are more submissive to their leaders and employers, more capable of enduring hardship, or more good-humored under privations.
When I have read of labour troubles between employers and employees, I have often thought that many strikes and similar disturbances might be avoided if the employers would cultivate the habit of getting nearer to their employees, of consulting and advising with them, and letting them feel that the interests of the two are the same.
Why, employers were always on the lookout for young fellows like me, and alas, they found them all too rarely.
And in return you preach to your employers the brands of metaphysics that are especially acceptable to them; and the especially acceptable brands are acceptable because they do not menace the established order of society.
But should you change your belief to something that menaces the established order, your preaching would be unacceptable to your employers, and you would be discharged.
4) The estimated yield on investments of the employer that are committed to other uses (for example, investments of interest and sinking funds for repayment of bonded debt) should not be included for this purpose.
6) The law can be violated if an action of the employer results in a "disparate treatment" or "disparate impact" on the employee.
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