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Synonyms for employer

Synonyms for employer

one that employs persons for wages


Antonyms for employer

a person or firm that employs workers

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There hadn't been any employers left in San Francisco, but General Folsom had spoken for them.
My plan for him is that he should still profit by the interest which his present employers take in him.
On one hand, failure to take advantage of available technology to ascertain employee's predisposition to disease may result in employer violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, as well as exposure to negligence-based lawsuits for failure to provide a safe workplace.
It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
In the ruling an employer either arranges to purchase an employee's home at a certain price or contracts with a third-party relocation company to act as its agent and administer a buyout.
4) However, recognizing the impact improper sexual conduct can have on the well-being of employees and work performance, the Court has taken a hard line when it comes to the accountability of the employer when supervisors engage in improper sexual conduct with respect to subordinate employees.
Under this statute, "employer" includes those who regularly employ 50 or more persons or regularly receive the services of 50 or more persons providing services pursuant to a contract, or any person acting as an agent of an employer, directly or indirectly.
1) The revisions clarify that in-house tax practitioners are to be treated as a distinct category of tax professionals for purposes of Circular 230 and that written advice provided by in-house counsel to the employer for purposes of determining the employer's tax liability is excluded from the definition of a covered opinion under section 10.
Marsh's Mid-sized Employer Health Plans 2003 survey was based on responses from 1,904 employers with 10-1,999 employees.
Allow benefits for an injured employee to begin immediately, even if an employer is disputing the claim.
When ah employer communicates that policy to employees and applies it consistently, and employees know exactly what to expect, the likelihood of legal problems declines.
A variety of factors can help determine whether a particular employer should be included in such a project.
If OSHA enforces the standard consistent with this statement, then an employer who can show it carefully considered the issue and involved the appropriate health care professionals in the decision process should avoid any OSHA citation.
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