employee-owned business

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a commercial enterprise owned by the people who work for it

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Giving employees a stake in a company creates a sense of organisational purpose that is greater than merely financial purpose, says William Davies, academic director of the Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business at Kellogg College, Oxford University, in the UK.
A spokesman from the John Lewis store in Cardiff said: "As Britain's largest employee-owned business we believe that employee ownership has the potential to empower frontline workers to achieve a high level of customer service.
Although it is possible to build an employee-owned business in the UAE, the sponsorship model, the majority expat population, the transient nature of the work force, and company law requirements create an environment in which employee-owned businesses are more challenging to build and run," Dr Armen V Papazian, financial economist and CEO of Keipr, a consulting firm that specialises in business analytics and intelligence told the paper.
While some of the individuals have indicated an interest in Neolait becoming an employee-owned business, Provimi has responded that the company does not intend to sell Neolait.
We are conscious that when we made the announcement of Parfetts becoming an employee-owned business that we would also put in place a timescale for myself to withdraw from the company," Parfett said.
Dulas is an employee-owned business which was founded in 1982 by six engineers as a spin-off from the Centre for Alternative Technology.
In an exclusive talk with The NonProfit Times, May explained that DMI was an employee-owned business.
a Boulder-based company that designs and installs residential and commercial solar Photovoltaic Electric systems throughout the Front Range, is heating up the concept of operating a 100-percent employee-owned business.
As an employee-owned business, Shelton Turnbull doesn't have a lot of company locally or around the nation.
The independent employee-owned business saw profits drop to pounds 3.
According to Bill Callahan, founder of the employee-owned business, "Anybody can build a piece of furniture they'll be proud of in an hour or two.
Wesley Ratcliff, president of Advanced Technologies Solutions, an employee-owned business that joint-ventured 585 De Kalb with Octagon, has been instrumental in the redevelopment of the area, says Zuckerbrot.
one of the nation's oldest and largest privately-held construction companies and a 100 percent employee-owned business, was honored Monday night with a 2013 Training Magazine Top 125 Award.
This transaction reflects the natural evolution from a small family business formed in 2006 to one that combines the strength and sophistication of an institutional organization with the culture and values of a family and employee-owned business," commented Amy Tait, Broadstone's Chairman and CEO.
The perk is the result of a employee-owned business model that sees those working for the company - rather than shareholders - benefitting from strong performances.
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