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ownership of a business by the people who work for it

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When considering the correlations among employee participation in corporate governance, business ethics, and sustainable peace, it is useful to recognize that employee ownership provides one basis for participation in corporate governance.
Equity; why employee ownership is good for business.
Taking employee ownership seriously, they argue, "drastically changes the basis for collaboration between employees and managers and gets people committed to a whole new level of success for the business.
Construction software developer HCSS has received an Innovations in Employee Ownership Award, administered jointly by the National Center for Employee Ownership and the Beyster Institute.
This overstretched Baxi, says Erdal, and led to its forced sale to a venture capital group, ending its employee ownership.
Dr Corey Rosen, a US expert in the field of employee ownership, was speaking at the inaugural Jack Fitzpatrick lecture at the launch of the Foundation for Education and Research in Profit Sharing and Employee Ownership at the National College of Ireland.
Despite the win-win result of corporate financial success and higher compensation for employees promised by employee ownership, for many companies the concept still generates anxiety and challenging questions: Can it really work?
In Employee Ownership: The New Source of Competitive Advantage, authors Carol Beatty, director of the school of industrial relations at Queen's University, and Harvey Schachter, Globe and Mail columnist, look at how 10 Canadian companies have been faring under employee ownership.
Speaking by phone from Chicago, McGeoy said she had received ``pretty long, sustained applause'' after she spoke for about two minutes at the end of the meeting on the benefits of employee ownership.
As we move forward, our plan is to continue building in the empowerment zones and provide employee ownership opportunities where our restaurants are located.
The payoff: Studies show that companies with significant employee ownership - including General Mills, SAIC, and Southwest Airlines - outperform both their industry peers and the broad-based stock indices.
However, studies show that when employee ownership is combined with opportunities for workers to have significant input into decisions affecting their jobs, companies grow 8-11% a year faster than they would have without employee ownership, while their productivity growth is 52% a year higher.
According to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, the employee ownership plan calls for the mill's workforce to be trimmed to 800 by next year and to 670 after 1994.
Employee Ownership in America: The Equity Solution.
SAN DIEGO -- The College of Business Administration at San Diego State University (SDSU) announced today that research findings of SDSU management professors indicated the current business model for most San Diego life sciences companies is not sustainable and models with more employee ownership may have a positive effect on these organizations.
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