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Synonyms for employee

one who is employed by another

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Utilityw U is tilitywis tilityw e has been tremendously usly usl successful over the past four years; our employe ploye plo es are responsible for that success and we want to recognise that fact.
Alors que les sondages aupres des employes demontrent qu'il y a de serieux problemes d'engagement, de leadership et de fonctionnement, les politiciens eux-memes n'hesitent pas eux aussi a se prononcer sur la condition pitoyable des rapports entre la gestion et les employes de l'Etat.
Elle devient plutot l'un des indicateurs, parmi d'autres, de ce dynamisme, de cette << effervescence >>, pour reprendre le terme employe par Micheline Cambron, de la vie culturelle montrealaise de ce temps.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Thus an employer may obtain from an employee an agreement or covenant which protects an employer's reasonable competitive business interests and expressly prohibits an employe from engaging in employment or a line of business.
Except for civil actions that arise out of the operation of a motor vehicle and civil actions in which the state is the plaintiff, no officer or employe shall be liable in any civil action that arises under the law of Ohio for damage or injury caused in the performance of his duties, unless the officer's or employee's actions wee manifestly outside the scope of his employment or official responsibilities, or unless the officer or employee acted with malicious purpose, in bad faith, or in a wanton or malicious manner.
of Scotch descent) admitted to participating in the altercation after having made a joking remark to Employe R.
However, in the same breath, management is allowed to ask another employee to do the work provided they are told about the initial refusal by the first employe, Lavallie says.
Elle vise proteger tous renseignements personnels exclusion du nom, du titre dun employe dune organisation et des adresse et numero de telephone de son lieu de travail.
It is completely unacceptable that public servants employe d to ensure food safety should be treated this way.
Quelques semaines plus tard, toute la famille allait rejoindre leur pere, un employe du Canadien national transfere peu de temps auparavant a Mace (Ontario), ou la future religieuse allait passer sa jeunesse.
A second address "Au lecteur" assures the reader that the volume has been created only for laughter and pleasure, but it also suggests that Pasquier's role in it can be taken as a model of elegant social behavior: "Pour le moins tu m'en scauras gre: car outre le plaisir que tu en recevras, tu auras ce fruict d'aprendre combien peut un homme bien ne en toute chose ou il employe la dexterite de son esprit" ("At the least, you'll be grateful to me for the book; for beyond the pleasure it will bring you, you will profit from it by learning what a well-bred man is capable of doing in all matters to which he turns his mental dexterity," a3).
DETROIT, May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Detroit Edison (NYSE: DTE) had the best employe safety record among the nation's largest electric utilities last year while posting its safest year ever, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).
This would occur when the employe pays a third-party provider owns or leases property where parking is provided to employees without the employer incurring an additional cost.
Gamelin s'est employe A corriger cette situation sans y reussir.
Current fiscal conditions contribute to the interest in these high-tech systems, as municipal governments find they will save employe time, hence money, by streamlining their current data retrieval systems.