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Synonyms for emplace

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

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provide a new emplacement for guns

put into place or position

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These units habitually fail to emplace obstacles in depth because the required materials are not readily available to the emplacing unit.
The use of triggers with scatterable mines and demolition obstacles allows the commander to affect a specific formation and requires fewer resources than simply emplacing obstacles along all possible avenues of approach.
The second attempt at emplacing the bridge proved successful, despite continuing limitations, such as the absence of a licensed Wolverine operator and an experienced supervisor.
forces, were emplacing an IED on the roadside," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Another force, from 17th Iraqi Army Division, captured four gunmen confessed emplacing bombs in al-Karaghol area of southern Baghdad," the statement concluded.
The Coal Creek development program plan is based upon drilling and completing an estimated 540 gas production wells over a two to three year period, along with emplacing miles of gas gathering pipelines and infrastructure to process, transport and sell our gas into mid-west markets.
A force from the Iraqi army's 2nd Division detained today (June 3) two gunmen in a village near the district of al-Shora, south of Mosul, while emplacing an IED on the main street," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
HERAT , February 21, 2010 (Frontier Star): Two persons were killed when a landmine, they were emplacing, went off prematurely in western Herat province last night (Feb.
Chief of the Integrity Committee in parliament MP Sabah al-Sa'idi said that delay of the parliament session devoted for summoning the electricity minister Karim Wahid was due to rumors over emplacing explosives inside the parliament hall, describing it as "an attempt to defuse the investigation process.
In emplacing the demolitions, our only problem was how to attach them to the bridge without causing further damage to the spans.
Should the President and Congress designate the site as suitable, TRW Parsons M&O, if selected, will assist DOE in submitting a license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for approval to design, construct and operate a repository capable of receiving and emplacing waste by the year 2010.
Should the corps or division commander withhold scatterable-minefield emplacement authority, existing doctrinal publications do not provide a consistent procedure to request planning or emplacement authority from the authorizing headquarters and do not clearly require units to submit scatterable-minefield warnings (SCATMINWARNs) before emplacing a scatterable minefield.
Additionally, FM 20-32 does not consistently require units to provide a SCATMINWARN before emplacing minefields.
Emplacing units use lines I through 17 of the matrix to provide the required planning information through their higher headquarters to the authorizing headquarters.
Emplacing units (brigades/task forces) use the following three-step process to request scatterable-minefield planning and emplacement authority and to report execution through their higher headquarters (division/brigade) to the authorizing headquarters (corps/division).