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a philosopher who subscribes to empiricism

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28) That idea faces two challenges that give rise to variation B of the Epistemological Empiricist argument: What is meant by `success' and how do we determine whether a piece of science gives rise to practical successes?
If science--the most efficient means of acquiring and verifying objective knowledge ever devised--cannot take the citadel, if the empiricist world view fails at this level, where will this failure leave theology and the traditions of the great world religions?
For example, I think it is misleading to take Giere as the scientific realist semanticist to van Fraassen's constructive empiricist semanticist, as de Regt does, for although Giere is a realist of sorts, he emphasizes the non-propositional nature of scientific representation (see, for example, his recent presidential address to the PSA), and thus does not make common cause with the traditional realist who treats theories as sets of statements about the world, and then defends the claim that they are literally true.
The empiricist conceptions that dominate the Tractatus and importantly shape its explication of language operate in the same way in the Investigations.
Belsey claims that Leavis's criticism is empiricist in method because it provides |extensive quotation' from the novels under discussion in order for readers to experience the texts for themselves.
As an empiricist, however, my view is that what is self-evident (and the only thing that is) is the evidence of the senses on a direct-realist account of perception.
He begins with the familiar Empiricist model of experience furnishing thoughts, but quickly adds two Hegelian modifications: first, the suggestion that our socially-shared, language-mediated conceptual frameworks undergo a dialectical interplay involving identity (or "resemblance," as the Empiricists called it) and difference; and second, that we become able via "mechanical memory" to identify words with their socially established meanings, rather than with our own idiosyncratic connotations.
I applaud the editors' efforts to look critically at psychology's reductionist stance of personhood and to consider alternate ways of studying humans besides the empiricist approach.
As with the Britannia, horses who were out of the frame last time do badly in this, so we can additionally lose Carry On Sydney, Blue Wave, Greeleys Love and Empiricist.
Although he claimed to "have no theories, no special techniques and no information to communicate," he was no more a simple empiricist or blinkered anti-intellectual than was Samuel Beckett, whose aspiration was similarly "not to want to say, not to know what you want to say, not to be able to say what you think you want to say, and never to stop saying.
I am specifically interested in how previous research investigated the role that behaviorism plays in Quine's philosophy of language, Quine's empiricist rejection of the analytic-synthetic distinction, his naturalized epistemology, and his meaning holism in the form of the indeterminacy of translation.
If the pluralist keeps in focus the many manifestations of the phenomenon, the empiricist eschews any idea 'that a rigorous definition of the relevant terminology can truly elucidate this aspect of our existence' (x).
Nor does it seem useful to qualify as an empiricist someone who read with understanding and defended Aristotle's doctrine of the agent intellect as articulated by St.
The paper begins with a general discussion of the empiricist method of scientific enquiry and explanation, which in my assessment is the hegemonic approach to knowledge claims and validation in contemporary social science.