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of Phoenix, provide pediatricians and psychologists with empirically supported treatments for common children's mental health and medical problems: disruptive behavior, anxiety and depression, habit disorders like tics and thumbsucking, sleep disorders, encopresis, nocturnal enuresis, pain, and adherence to medical regimens.
These complementary approaches include (a) conducting systematic reviews to identify empirically supported treatments, (b) using methods other than systematic reviews to summarize evidence, and (c) considering research for different types of "treatments" as evidence.
The usual clinical protocol involved contacting only those patients who tested positive for an STI but who were not treated empirically in the PED.
General Principles and Empirically Supported Techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.
As Ruscio and Holohan (2006) discuss, there may be times when idiosyncratic aspects of a case necessitate the need for modifications to an empirically supported treatment.
This is the kind of evidence that empirically based practice demands in support of a chosen intervention; the intervention is specific and reproducible, and the outcomes are discrete and measurable.
Hamann, Pollock and Wilson empirically analyze the effectiveness of on-line learning in political science, while Gordon and Gillespie utilize a survey to demonstrate that extracurricular activities such as Mock Trial can benefit students' learning outcomes.
Seeking to be practice-oriented but empirically informative, they describe common disorders and their psychological/behavioral correlates and sequelae, present conceptual/theoretical perspectives on the etiology and treatment of the disorders, and review empirically supported and clinically useful assessment and treatment strategies.
Although homesickness is an ancient phenomenon, no preventive interventions have yet been empirically tested.
Moreover, ID was decisively debunked as a scientific theory--it invokes supernatural causes; it has not generated one hypothesis that is empirically testable; it is not supported by one single peer-reviewed publication; it neglects plausible naturalistic explanations of phenomena, like blood-clotting; and its "positive argument" is a weak argument by analogy.
After examining standard approaches to measuring socioeconomic status, and their flaws, one group of researchers concludes that "health research could be improved significantly with a more conceptually and empirically sound approach.
It suggests that the idiographic vision inherent in functional analysis may point at an alternative avenue for psychotherapy outcome research that is entirely different from those on empirically supported treatments and empirically supported relationships, and that this third direction may shed more light on the question as to what determines therapeutic change.
In the absence of empirically supported approaches to the improvement of academic achievement, school counselors should choose interventions that seem to be logically related to the problem being addressed.
It provides real estate lenders and risk managers a Basel-compliant, empirically validated commercial real estate risk management solution.
Strategies based on monetary control are critically linked to the relationship between money and inflation, which has been shown empirically to be a weak tool in terms of the relevant time frames.
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