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an empirical search for knowledge

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Within the academy, empirical research provides an example of a down-to-earth approach.
The use of the term "ethnography" as a general term for empirical research could be misleading for the reader who either expects this book to contain ethnographies or takes this book's contents to define ethnography.
Part-III, the cultural Schizophrenia, deals with the core outcome of the empirical research which explores policy-practice gaps.
This twelve-chapter book is an extraordinarily valuable addition to a handful of books that can be used to learn or teach empirical research methodology in the humanities.
Empirical research can enhance our understanding of and empathy for clients whose life experiences and cultural contexts differ from our own by articulating their experiences and perspectives, including negative responses to generally effective intervention strategies.
Furthermore, these authors claim that Skinner's book has had very little impact on empirical research.
Among the many CAM therapies frequently used by fibromyalgia patients, empirical research data exist to support the use of only three: (1) mind-body, (2) acupuncture, and (3) manipulative therapies for treating fibromyalgia.
List's lecture, "Using Field Experiments in Economics: An Introduction," and Kremer's "Conducting Field Research in Developing Countries" together provided a broad introduction to the theory and practice of this increasingly important aspect of empirical research.
Common sense says that sometimes ignorance is bliss, and social psychologists Taylor and Brown claim that empirical research shows that people who are mildly deluded about their abilities, achievements, and future prospects are mentally healthier and happier than highly realistic people.
This article presents a critical appraisal of the psychosocial empirical research on surrogate mothers, their motivations for entering into surrogacy agreements and the outcome of their participation.
Focusing on empirical research, the title is targeted to demographers, economists, biologists, sociologists, geographers and related professionals.
This article examines how the Internet has changed the work of academic researchers and addresses the question of how expanded Internet usage has affected Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI) and Journal of Finance (JF) articles, including the shift to empirical research, joint authorship, and new authorship.
The authors draw on their own and others' empirical research to consider the factors that contribute to high staff turnover in residential child care.
Chapters discuss both patient-induced and therapist-induced termination, patient characteristics and variations in termination processes and outcomes, clinical principles that can be drawn from empirical research, and much more.
The more thoughtful proponents of evidence-based practice point to the importance of balancing clinical expertise and patient/family values with the evidence provided by empirical research.
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