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a chemical formula showing the ratio of elements in a compound rather than the total number of atoms

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The empirical formula in the paper has subscripts which are somewhat different from those given here.
Additives can also be searched by CAS number, empirical formula, or any other property, or simply by browsing the list.
This is a complex mineral and the derivation of an empirical formula is impossible without more information on the subtleties of the structure.
Plasticizers can also be searched by CAS number, empirical formula, or any other property, or simply by browsing the list.
The multivariate regression model of roughness was adopted similar as the method of cutting force, and the empirical formula was:
1] of the first vehicle can be expressed using Equation (7) since its coefficient of drag changes according to the change in its base pressure, and can be determined from the empirical formula in Figure 11.
The empirical formula would be useful to evaluate the service life of concrete structures exposed to chloride attack.
According to the established equations (11) and (12), combined with the specific conditions, the specific empirical formula can be derived [22-24].
From the element analysis and the H/C relation, empirical formula and average weight empirical formula (PFEA) were calculated for asphaltenes and CRA concentrate.
After the comprehensive system was used to assign values to each index considering that pest risk is closely related to individual number In1 weight W average life L generations of a year G migration ability M transmitted disease D distribution area S harm location P natural enemy species N and number In2" the empirical formula method was used to calculate risk value DP (Table III).
To obtain a description of H as a function of T, we fit a polynomial function of order six to the H(z) curve, which gives the following empirical formula for [[OMEGA].
Covering first metal complexes then transition metal chemistry, they discuss such topics as the correct empirical formula of complexes, isomerism and stereochemistry, metal carbonyls and nitrosyls, the vanadium group, and the actinides.
2% to 5% by weight, based on solids in the composition, of a bismuth subsalicylate compound having an empirical formula of C7H504Bi that is water-insoluble and pulverulent, wherein the bismuth subsalicylate has a bismuth content of from 56.
It is believed that an analytical formula is more satisfactory than an empirical formula, as it provides physical insight into the phenomenon (Gastebled, May 2001).
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