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Synonyms for empirical

Synonyms for empirical

derived from experiment and observation rather than theory

relying on medical quackery


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Total Tec Solutions network specialties provided through the partnership with Empirical Data LLC now includes but is not limited to the following hardware makes: Cisco, HP, Bluecoat, F5, Aruba, Cradlepoint, Juniper, Foundary, Checkpoint, Linksys, Netgear and DLink.
Exchange of meaning is a social action and is introduced as a way of empirical analysis of the process of knowledge, ideology and discourse.
disagreements obviously do have a large empirical dimension, but in a
Further, since they haven't made it empirical, it follows that they have not made sure that all customer touch points have a shared knowledge base and "speak" with the same purpose.
The first two chapters explore the logical and empirical foundations of scientific research in the humanities.
On the one hand, the field has lost sight of the practical intent that characterized its early years and of the imperative that a practical discourse must integrate empirical and normative inquiry.
Think of every JRI empirical article as having two dimensions: in my illustration here, these are a data-specific component and a statistical modeling component.
Efficiency, Standardization, and the Empirical Model
The prototypical article published in PSC should present empirical data.
Despite these concerns, there is in fact little empirical evidence to suggest that easy access to Plan B would increase risky sexual behavior.
He is cautious and judicious with his abundant empirical materials, but not tentative; without being obtrusive, his theoretical and historiographical discussion is acute and sustained throughout the book, not concentrated in indigestible lumps in the introduction and conclusion; and as a writer he knows the function of a topic sentence.
A systematic research synthesis of empirical studies was conducted in an attempt to identify and classify therapeutic interventions for foster children.
This expansion is apparent, for example, in the founding of several journals, including Psychomusicology (founded 1981), Empirical Studies in the Arts (1982), Music Perception (1983), Musicae Scientiae (1997), Systematic Musicology (1998), and the recently founded Empirical Musicology Review.
Recent empirical studies have shown that certain dimensions of spirituality in the workplace, such as meaning making, meditation, and sense of mission, relate positively to job satisfaction, job involvement, and productivity (Garcia-Zamor, 2003; Millman, Czaplewski, & Ferguson, 2003).