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I mean only to deny that the word stands for an entity, but to insist most emphatically that it does stand for a function.
Let the case be what it may in others," he says, "I am as confident as I am of anything that, in myself, the stream of thinking (which I recognize emphatically as a phenomenon) is only a careless name for what, when scrutinized, reveals itself to consist chiefly of the stream of my breathing.
I hope you do not object, sir, to my having stated in public, emphatically, that he will reappear here, whenever any new suspicion may be awakened, or any new circumstance may come to light in this extraordinary matter?
And yet, do you know, I don't think,' with a very nice and neat emphasis on those two words: 'I DON'T THINK I would state it emphatically.
The situation at this period was emphatically a serious one.
The two men must have stopped directly they were through, because she heard plainly the Chief Inspector's voice, though she could not see his finger pressed against her husband's breast emphatically.
There was a husky, voluble murmur, which lasted for some time, and then the Chief Inspector, as if answering some inquiry, spoke emphatically.
That the case of Mary Jones may speak the more emphatically for itself, I subjoin it, as related by SIR WILLIAM MEREDITH in a speech in Parliament, 'on Frequent Executions', made in 1777.
Although I said so emphatically that I would not speak openly in your brother's presence, nevertheless, I intend now to ask your honoured mother for a necessary explanation on a point of great importance closely affecting my dignity.
To believe that the Web reorients the question about the "dematerialization of the artwork" - a claim made emphatically in "PORT: Navigating Digital Culture," a vaunted virtual exhibition organized by Artnetweb at MIT's List Center (www.
com," emphatically states Penny Perfect, "No-one should be trading on any exchange without having the most complete information possible.
Brown emphatically stresses that to be successful a fine print must involve not only exacting presswork but a touch of artistic alchemy; as the examples illustrated here prove, at Crown Point both have been in remarkably good supply.
Standing at the same podium where last year he accepted an "eVolution in Manufacturing" award on behalf of Swagelok's e-commerce team, Tom spoke emphatically on the importance of sharing technology within the community.
For the record, another ``Swordfish'' producer, Joel Silver, has emphatically denied paying Berry extra for baring her breasts.
Julio Gonzalez is the best light heavyweight out there, with the possible exception of Jones,'' Arum said emphatically.