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The program emphasizes read, respond, and check sequentially and continually.
I choose to emphasize many data gathering strategies and techniques slightly more than analysis, because data gathering better engages students with the logic and practice of qualitative inquiry, especially when they are given opportunities for actually collecting data.
We are now open, Weigel writes and emphasizes, for "adventures in dynamic orthodoxy.
Grisso emphasizes that diagnosis does not define the obligation, that not all treatment is worthwhile, that clinical care is sometimes harmful, and that justice systems are not ideal settings for clinical care.
Thus, several chapters emphasize the necessity of accurate contextual understanding of individuals (rather than seeing only contexts--race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and so forth) in order to enhance effective counseling and therapy and prevent obscuring the individual; which may prevent accurate contextual understanding.
A diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables, provides adequate calcium, and is low in sodium has benefits for bone health.
In her desire to emphasize the unique and formative importance of Chinese exclusion, she sometimes overstates her case, as when she contrasts immigration officials' turn-of-the-century crackdowns on "illegal" Chinese immigrants to their supposedly "benign neglect" of Mexican immigrants in the same period.
Like the finest recent histories of early modern material culture across disciplines, her book emphasizes the importance of economic and social factors in the creation of a market for the product discussed (in this case, vernacular music theory treatises), although she perhaps downplays the place of these works against the background of the growth and development of the English book trade.
18) Raising eyebrows (eyebrow flash) or widening eyes also emphasizes a point.
The new CPA examination emphasizes this same focus on the high value of (1) research and planning and (2) integration of tax into business decisionmaking.
The contributions in this volume are bound together by a methodological premise that emphasizes convergence between the ideas reflected in Paul's letters and their social and religious context rather than distinctiveness.
Ensuring that the concept of sustainability emphasizes "meeting the needs" of people today, especially the impoverished of the world, which is often overlooked in addressing possible future needs.
The Eastern point of view about self emphasizes relationships with others in contrast with the more individuated Western way (M.
The huge timber plane, which is surrounded by cobbled strips so that surrounding buildings can be serviced, emphasizes the main thrust of the Place d'Armes south towards the rue du Pont, which connects to Jambes, and is to be the second phase of the Project.
Gopin emphasizes that Rabbi Meir lowers himself--allowing himself as a person of elevated spiritual standing to be spat upon--and offers this as a model for third parties, who must be willing to lose a little face in order to open a path to reconciliation.