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Synonyms for emphasis

Synonyms for emphasis

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for emphasis

special importance or significance

intensity or forcefulness of expression

special and significant stress by means of position or repetition e

the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch)

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The key data management issue was how to address minor breaks of form in completing the topic emphasis questions (each of which required only a single response for each topic).
should put more emphasis on nuclear power, while 33% favor less emphasis and 28% think the emphasis should remain the same as it is now.
It's always our goal to make the roads safer, and we've placed a great emphasis on arresting intoxicated drivers,'' Nelson said.
Former President Deng Xiaoping, who began China's market-oriented reforms, appears in the junior and senior high school versions, with emphasis on his economic vision.
A focus on only content tested leads to curricular reduction and an emphasis on test preparation, with test performance itself seen as the educational outcome.
This emphasis on embryo is also related to the Han cosmology, and Kinney contends that the Chinese word embryo was corresponding to the word ji in the "Great Appendix" of the Book of Changes (Yi jing).
Currently there is a national emphasis on "eliminating" pain.
A number of papers are based on ichnofabric analysis, an approach to documenting the relative chronology and intensity of infaunal tiering that is enjoying a vogue among ichnologists, but papers that maintain the traditional ichnological emphasis on Seilaeherian ichnofacies are also represented.
Under this local emphasis program, the OSHA office in Wichita, Kan.
In order to maintain what revenues they can, the NWCF entities have placed a strong emphasis upon total cost control.
Under personal income tax, there's a new emphasis on bad debts and worthless stock, since the FTB feels that the criteria for declaring such losses often are not met (FTB's Nov.
With respect to teamwork, the traditional transfer teaching approach would have students read the chapter in the text about teamwork, view and discuss a film about teamwork, listen to a lecture about teamwork, with an emphasis on recent research, and write a paper about teamwork, perhaps emphasizing the applications of teamwork in the student's own work setting.
I think where the differentiator between the NIEHS and other institutes within the NIH really comes [in the strategic plan] is the emphasis on dose-response and the emphasis on biomarkers that are relevant to interpreting exposure data.
Agribusiness news, markets, and feature programming important to the lives and livelihood of the farm, ranch, and the rural lifestyle group with emphasis on cotton and sorghum production.
The major points of emphasis for the two defensive players (X1 and X2) in Diags.