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Synonyms for emperor

Synonyms for emperor

red table grape of California

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large moth of temperate forests of Eurasia having heavily scaled transparent wings

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Plots to destroy monogamy, the Emperorship of America, these are elements featured in Pagan Kennedy's "The Dangerous Joy of Dr.
A civil libertarian asks whether the presidency is becoming an emperorship.
Ritually composing an imperium required sanctifying the emperorship through obeisance to all who held the office, even "Tartars.
As President Bush spirals into the Nixonian abyss of self-proclaimed emperorship - admitting to illegal wiretaps on American citizens and declaring himself above the law - the real issue concerns the checks and balances of presidential power.
The villain is 10th in line to the throne expert swordsman Lord Hiss Boo Rathbone (Aiden Gillen), whose accomplice Wu Chan (Donnie Yen) has designs on the Emperorship of China.
At the same time, however, the emperorship can also be viewed as an ostensibly timeless institution, with each individual emperor simply replacing the emperor who had preceded him.
The Ethiopians had lost everything but their identity, of which a calendar can be quite as vital an identifier as language or kingship -- and they had already lost their ancient Christian emperorship before Geldof questioned their very calendar.
While marching south through Italy in civil war against other claimants to the emperorship, Constantine saw what he took to be the image of a cross over the Sun.