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the rear part of an aircraft

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The Airbus A320 HTP is a primary part of the aerostructure and is located on the empennage of the aircraft.
Strata makes ailerons for the Airbus A330/340 families, flap track fairings for the A380 via commercial agreement with Austria's FACC, and empennage for Alenia Aeronautica of Italy's ATR aircraft.
The aircraft is equipped with two "dogleg" HF antennas that connect to the aircraft at the top of the vertical stabilizer, the outer edge of the horizontal stabilizer, and the empennage.
The plant will manufacture components such as flap track fairings, ailerons, spoilers and assemblies for Airbus aircraft and the empennage for ATR Regional Aircraft -- a joint venture between Airbus parent EADS and Italian air and defence company Finmeccanica, Mubadala said in June.
The rudder-boost actuator is located in a tight space in the empennage of the P-3C, which leaves little room to work and almost no light to review the maintenance checklist.
The plant, which will be called Strata and is the first of its kind in the region, will manufacture advanced composite aerostructures, including flap track fairings, ailerons, spoilers and assemblies for Airbus aircraft and the empennage for the ATR Regional Aircraft (ATR is a joint venture between EADS and Finmeccanica).
Inspection of both wrecks revealed extensive corrosion to the attachment points between the aircraft's fuselage and vertical empennage and the entire fleet was temporarily grounded.
The FMS machines, drills, and inspects molded panels for the aft fuselage and empennage of three variants of the F-35 Lightning II.
Initial manufacture is of the first titanium and aluminium frames of the aft fuselage which, with the empennage for each variant, are being designed, engineered and built by BAE Systems.
Visualizing the empennage, the wing, and the landing gear he proceeded to describe how and why the airplane should recover from spin or handle on the ground based just on it's looks.
The company, which has its headquarters in Brierley Hill, yesterday said it will manufacture and supply the complete empennage structural subassembly for the light twin-engined jet, capable of cruising at nearly 500mph.
CMC's milestone achievement for the 787 Dreamliner "continues its proven 15-year track record in the application of structural composite materials and manufacturing process technologies used to produce the empennage for the Boeing 777," Boeing says.
While supervising the installation of a U-2 aircraft's empennage (aft section), SSgt Randall noticed that the left lower attachment mount bolt was uncharacteristically difficult to install.
And she riveted the empennage and fuselage of twin-engine PV-2 antisubmarine planes.
from small secondary structures to more demanding flight-control surfaces, empennage assemblies, fuselage, and wings.