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be understanding of

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The President does not empathise with the real victims of the violence,' PDP said.
It is always hard to teach history students to empathise with the horrors of warfare and grasp battle strategies and etiquette but this novel does it very well and it also gives a very poignant and balanced fictional view of the Battle of the Boyne.
I could empathise as I didn't have mine until I was 41 directed
When explicitly asked to empathise, the differences between how strongly the individuals with and without psychopathy activate their own actions, sensations and emotions almost entirely disappeared in their empathic brain," second author Valeria Gazzola said.
HAVING been on the wrong end of a comeback win by Catalan Dragons last Friday, I can now empathise with teams Saints have done it to in the past.
And I want to continue to grapple with the legacy of the Holocaust, to increase my ability to empathise, to better hone my love for people and for life and my hatred of injustice and violence.