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in a sympathetic manner

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Bank of Ireland, with whom the couple have their mortgage, said yesterday: "We work closely and empathetically with our customers who face financial difficulties.
We're working on some incredibly historic buildings and we always get to know the full history beforehand and work empathetically to ensure no disruption to the aesthetic.
She empathetically cared for others and will always be remembered for her ability to make people laugh.
Listen empathetically and deeply to more than the words themselves.
The decision will be enforced diligently but, most importantly, empathetically.
said, With rapid urbanization and increasing agglomeration in Indian cities, it is important to modernize public transportation systems and offer technologically advanced and empathetically designed transport solutions.
Our observational skills have improved, as has our ability to interact empathetically with patients who have diabetes and/or depression.
Savvy financial institutions understand that they shine not only when they have passionate advocates saying wonderful things about them but also when they are able to listen to a public criticism and empathetically respond.
Brimming with fascinating and eccentric characters, comical situations, and an exceedingly original writing style, Cantieni's deeply poignant work artfully and empathetically explores being different and the problems of integration.
The interactions of Donne with the students under his care, as well as their parents, is empathetically and realistically shown, owing perhaps to the fact that the author is himself a teacher in the New York City school system.
Given the opportunity to know each other personally--and George obviously knows many Brazilians, Catholic and otherwise--Christians of different traditions can empathetically appreciate one another, thus enhancing our worship and our witness throughout the world.
He does not condemn Phaedra for her manipulative actions and the chain of events resulting from her incestuous love for her stepson, but instead seeks to present her empathetically as a victim of her own human impulses.
Diageo has always endeavoured to act responsibly and empathetically with respect to people injured by thalidomide, as evidenced by our continuing relationship with the UK Thalidomide Trust and the Australian Trust settlements of recent years.
And here is the crux of his form of collaboration: Satterwhite, in his role as artist, is able to organize and reenergize the rituals of therapeutic irnagemaking to which his mother, part of a tight-knit family, repeatedly returns, while simultaneously inviting the wider public to engage, possibly empathetically, with the moments of eccentric creativity in her obsessions.
What he is really saying is that the conversation has to be moved a little, that if we are to be heard we should not compromise, but we should approach others more empathetically, more graciously and more gracefully.