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Synonyms for empathetic

cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others

Synonyms for empathetic

showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states


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About 42 percent people in America do not find Obama empathetic and 47 percent think he is not trustworthy, the report added.
Elle Children~s mission is to provide families facing the loss of a child a home phone and empathetic where appropriate, referral to the monitoring unit of families.
The researchers used a number of tasks, along with fMRI scans, to discover that when we think about social matters, other people or moral issues -- our empathetic network is turned on and our analytical network is turned off.
While empathetic listening may sound like a simple concept, its execution may not be an easy task.
Results also found that participants who experienced nostalgia had a greater empathetic response.
Clinical practice for people with schizophrenia; a humanistic and empathetic encounter.
Vaill's book, then, is more of a psychological journey, sensitive to echoes and allusions, and steadfastly empathetic.
At least David Chase made his gangsters on "The Sopranos" somewhat empathetic.
The unusual structure of the novel and the empathetic nature of the two main characters will draw listeners in.
De Waal presents several examples of sympathetic and empathetic behavior among nonhuman primates, including protection of others against aggression and consoling behaviors.
Parents receiving difficult news report higher levels of satisfaction when the professional giving the news is compassionate, is empathetic, listens well, and does not appear tense or anxious (Nissenbaum et al.
Her subject matter and deeply empathetic lyrics are enough to inspire rabid, almost religious devotion in anyone who's willing to indulge her more ostentatious inclinations.
Freda is a thoroughly compassionate person, empathetic, and extremely hard working.
Only time will tell whether an informed, empathetic understanding of black villains and social bandits will lead to a noticeable improvement in race relations" (p.
If his performance among sick children in New Zealand this week is anything to go by, he should be recruited straight into the royal family as a roving ambassador - not disappear for years beneath protocol and brass buttons He is a natural with the public - attractive, empathetic and the best thing the House of Windsor possesses.