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Synonyms for empanel

enter into a list of prospective jurors


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select from a list

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Three senior judges ordered coroner Baroness Butler-Sloss to empanel a jury yesterday after ruling that she acted unlawfully when she decided to conduct the inquest on her own.
Billboard London Bureau Chief and Global Editor Emmanuel Legrand will join as a member of the Popkomm-IMEA jury now in formation; Popkomm-IMEA expects to empanel the rest of the jury by mid-May.
In a case that is unique in the annals of English law, Mr al Fayed believes the decision of the coroner not to empanel a jury is perverse.
I doubt seriously if they could find enough Hillarys to empanel a jury that wouldn't laugh that one out of court.
Summers announced today that he had filed a Proxy Statement under schedule 14A to solicit shareholder proxies and to block management's solicitation of Endovasc's proxy to amend the Articles of Incorporation, authorizing management to double the authorized shares of the company, and to empanel a slate of directors who are not scheduled for election until 2005, 2006 and 2007.
Healton challenged the film industry to voluntarily empanel a joint commission of industry leaders and public health experts to work cooperatively to substantively reduce smoking imagery in films and to implement four principles adopted by the World Health Organization and other key tobacco control and public health groups: