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Synonyms for emotionless

Synonyms for emotionless

not affected by or showing emotion

Synonyms for emotionless

unmoved by feeling


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But she watched emotionlessly as Roberta Dos Santos Busby - whose face, neck, arms and legs bear the scars of second- and third-degree burns and 30 skin graft operations - tearfully detailed the physical pain that she said kept her from interacting with her two children.
itself entitles him to intentionally, emotionlessly, and otherwise
Oh, many, many," the young refugees say, before leafing through a family photo album, emotionlessly pointing out the survivors, the wounded, and the dead.
But good networking is not simply a matter of emotionlessly using people for business gain.
But physical suffering paled with the relief of living emotionlessly and obstacle-free.
Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You walks the reader through time-tested procedures to help children get their sleep, including "cold turky" and graduated methods for tuning out nighttime crying, and the "robotic return" method for dealing with a child who wanders out of bed (return the child silently and emotionlessly and say nothing, so as not to associate comfort or other positive responses to a child deliberately leaving the bedroom).
As the couple sat emotionlessly in their worn rental, the phone rang.
The film is difficult for many audiences to watch, mainly because of the brutality of the acts that Ben commits so emotionlessly.