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The serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism and childhood positive and negative emotionality.
Dominants, who need to keep a level head and desire a position of control in BDSM scenes, may experience a more general desire for control as well as greater conscientiousness and experience lower levels of honesty-humility and emotionality.
After the final exposure to restraint stress, the emotionality of mice was estimated using the automatic hole-board apparatus (Takeda et al.
Contributors have used surveys of emotionality to provide insight into contemporary social experience, including loneliness in Australia (Franklin), and social wellbeing from an international time-use perspective (Patulny & Fisher).
Most of his work display deep psychological treatment, pointed emotionality - captivating the observer with the elegance of solution.
Coming from, for want of a better word, a postmodern background, dealing with serious emotionality isn't necessarily something we've done.
Four versions of the questionnaire listed different traits related to agreeableness, conscientiousness, extroversion, open-mindedness, and emotionality.
Asked how spirituality differs from emotionality and intellectuality, Maffin replies, "Spirituality gets at the very essence of who and what you really are and what you believe about the important things in life.
The reason for this is that normal human emotionality, as we have come to know it, was prefigured early on - at that moment in our self-reflective history when human beings first accepted that there was something about them that was less than desirable.
Finally, based on some research that links temperament with personality, the Emotionality Activity and Sociability Temperament Survey (EAS) was administered to the children to measure temperament.
An exploratory factor analysis identified seven factors: Avoidance of Femininity, Negativity toward Sexual Minorities, Self Reliance through Mechanic Skills, Toughness, Dominance, Importance of Sex, and Restrictive Emotionality (Levant, Rankin, Williams, Hasan, & Smalley, 2010).
Women leaders are still represented in the popular media as women, with the focus on their dress, make-up, hair, emotionality or lack-of, sexuality or lack-of, family commitments or lack-of.
That old saying of home is where the heart is comes to mind, for as much as life is in a state of flux, change or intense emotionality, no one can take away your right to feel deeply about things.
Negative emotionality concerns the degree to which the individual is insecure, anxious, depressed, and emotional versus the degree to which the individual is calm, self confident and cool.