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Besides, the listeners' agreement on emotive descriptions of music is not enough for emotionalism, as people can also agree on the aptness of metaphors.
The danger again is emotionalism, so plainsong offers a chaste, obedient, happily impoverished diet which will not excite the religious stomach.
The foreign ministry has suggested that "in order to secure the core national security interests, our media strategy should encompass a balance between political and economic reporting, positive and negative news, emotionalism and objectivity, freedom and responsibility".
By the time we released Emotionalism any dreams of being a rock star had been put into perspective.
Also now the duo had become a vehicle for display: quiet emotionalism in Tchaikovsky's poignant Melodie: Souvenir d'un Lieu Cher, and rasping virtuosity in Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances.
It would be the worst kind of spoiler to reveal Barra's conclusions (I will leak one, he finds Mike Schmidt the greatest player of the last century)--but in each case, his presentation is careful and legalistic, without the beery emotionalism that usually accompanies such debates.
but it would be acceptable to the emotionalism of the south and to the Catholics of the North, and to the majority of Protestants," he said.
Emotionalism is an exaggerated display of strong feelings, while passion is the enthusiasm and interest you bring to your work.
With their mix of wide-eyed innocence, sassy innuendo (Raj does a peekaboo bath towel for you ladies) and extreme emotionalism, Bollywood entertainments require some indulgence from Western audiences.
Another significant oversight in this collection is the little attention devoted to emotionalism.
To avoid falling from the romantic into romanticism, from sentiment into sentimentality--perhaps the most serious infraction in today's art world--Previdi has surrounded his emotion with a conceptual and analytical apparatus that serves solely to mask his desire to abandon himself to emotionalism.
To suppress the ideal, heterodox clerics (and their apologists in the academy and media) engage in one, and usually several, of the following: evasion, ad hominems, pseudo-apologies, emotionalism, tendentious sloganeering, misplaced concreteness, and armchair psychoanalysis.
The subtle shuttling between the growing anxieties of the traveler and the cycle of dream-parables creates a resonance, an anatomy of obsession and heightened emotionalism, that illuminates--as such texts have since Borges--the enchanting human energies that narrative cannot tidy into explanation.
The flowers, the weeping and wailing, the emotionalism that swept over certain types of people indicate deeper, more fundamental changes in British life which are investigated here.
It's a matter of great humanitarian concern, one whose power and emotionalism we understand and sympathize with,'' Ereli said, offering to ''take every opportunity and act in every way we can to help Japan realize its interests in this area.